Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Don't You Just Love Fall!

A perfect autumn day to get lots of things done! I raked out the animal stalls and lots. Raked the path between the homestead and Fran's house. She likes to walk thru the woods when she visits so I made a path and try to keep it clear so she won't stumble and fall. I brought all my houseplants in from off the back porch. Swept all the leaves and acorns off the back porch and cleaned it up. Straightened up the soap shop so I can work in there all day tomorrow since its suppose to rain. I cleaned out Bud's inside house so I can bring him inside tomorrow before the cold weather hits Friday. Someone ask how big his indoor house is. Its about 4 ft high and 5 ft long and 3 ft wide with plexa glass on 3 sides. He has a tree that he climbs to get to the second level where he sleeps and eats. The first level has his bathroom area and where he walks around. He has a ultra ray light that turns on at 6am and off at 6pm. He has a heat rock and a heating pad. After a few weeks he starts to enjoy his inside house and smiles when you pet him. He just hates coming in from outside. The rabbit is starting to grow on me. I am going to clean Bud's outside house and fix it for the rabbit. His cage is small and he doesn't have room to run around. In Bud's outside house he will have the upstairs to sleep and eat and the bottom is the ground where he has lots of room to run and play safely. I will move them around tomorrow. I cleaned the dining room and even had time to sweep and mop the floor! I took all the muck from the animals and spread it in the flower beds so hopefully next spring it will have helped the flowers grow big and beautiful. I have a pot of stew cooking and have apples peeled and diced to make apple bread. I didn't get the pumpkin bread made last night so want to do that tonight. Killer is still guarding the nesting box and I have bites on my hands to prove it. I could hear faint pecks in a couple of the duck eggs that I checked today so hopefully we will have ducklings Friday. Maggie called to let me know Kristine made straight A's on her report card (she is in 6th grade) and Raigun made all S's(she is in kindergarten). Needless to say grandma is very proud! Made a few calls for William about truck insurance and still have more to make tomorrow. Got books to work on tonight and laundry to put away. A perfect day to hang laundry outside. Tomorrow is suppose to rain and then Friday we are suppose to get into the 30's at night. I can't wait! I love having a fire going, the tea kettle singing, a good book and a nice blanket to snuggle under! Hurry up cold weather! If you have a crock pot here is a easy Chai Tea recipe you can fix and drink on all day or share with family or friends.

Chai Tea

8 cups of water

8 bags of black tea

3/4 cup sugar

16whole cloves

16 whole cardamom seeds

5 cinnamon sticks

8 slices of fresh ginger

1 cup milk

Combine all ingredients except milk and put in crock pot. Cover and cook on high 2 hours. Strain mixture and discard solids. You can cover the Chia Tea and refrigerate for up to 3 days. Stir in milk right before serving. Serve warm or chilled. Makes 8 to 10 servings


trina-p said...

I came from Owlhaven

I really like your background template :)

Wow ducklings, that's very special.

Linds said...

Hi, I am here from Owlhaven... lovely blog. I wish I had a fireplace!

momteacherfriend said...

To live on a farm....ahhhh. I would love it.
Apple and pumpkin bread sound lovely as well.
By way of owlhaven...
Thanks for joining in on the fun at Mary's

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

You sound all nice and cozy and just makes me want to get that way too. We here in Ga are finally having some cooler weather. It only gets up into the 80's still but that is a lot cooler. We finally have our a/c off and that is just great with the windows open. I bet our a/c is finally happy to just be relaxing some!! It has been on since May!! It is supposed to get into the 70's as the high this weekend. Have fun with your wonderful animals and possibly your new baby ducklings. Sandy

~Nancy~ said...

What a wonderful day, full of satisfying tasks and puttery moments to look forward to!
We are getting the rain now...has been a slow rain all day and some storms tonight. Our cool weather moves in tomorrow with mountain snows forecast about 3 hours from here. Sheesh...I have had the a.c. on!
Fall has arrived....the Kentucky hills are turning so pretty!
Have a good earned it!

Anonymous said...

Apple bread sounds yummy...can you share the recipe?

PEA said...

Soooo, do much today?? lol Gosh, you sure were a busy lady!! It boggles my mind all the work that having a farm's never ending is it!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

and all i did today was dishes, and nap:)

apple bread sounds intriging..although i am not a big fan of the apple now a days as u know;)

Kathleen Marie said...

Yes, you must get this peeler and it is so worth it. Wow, you made a lot. I need to make more. I LOVE applebutter. I also love Chai Tea. Thanks for the recipe! Can't wait to get my surprise package! Fun!

Kathleen Marie said...

Oh, and I LOVE that cute witch!

Jeanne said...

You are always so busy and happy and full of love.
I am proud to call you my friend.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Lady_MSnow said...

The recipe for Chai sounds absolutely wonderful!

Lady Laurie said...

I just love chai tea, something I happily discovered not too long ago ~ thank you for the recipe.
I love it when its cooler because I really feel like doing things, so much more energy I guess. There is just something about this time of year!

Marian said...

The tea sounds delicious and i wished I lived on the other side of that woods so I could follow the path to your door.

I do enjoy following your journey thru life.