Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Last Chance

Okay people its the last chance to sign up for the Christmas Stocking Swap. If you have already signed up please send me your mailing address and your blogsite. I will not pass your addy on to anyone except your swap partner. So if you want in speak now or forever hold your peace.

Now up to 10 baby chicks and K.J. is out of solitary for a little while as the other chicks are ganging up on him when he pecks!

Etsy has a new updated verison and has added a shopping cart! When you get a chance you should check out the new esty.

Thumper has a wife. I was at the feed store and bought a sweet female rabbit I named Flower. I put her in with Thumper and within 20 seconds Thumper did what male rabbits do with female rabbits so we may have baby bunnies in 31 days. You can't blame Thumper as he has been single for 5 years!
Will try to post photos tomorrow as I am in a rush to get things done before going to a womens circle meeting tonight.

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PEA said...

I'm pretty sure I sent you my address already...at least I hope I did!! Well congrats to Thumper on gaining a wife...didn't take him long to get acquainted with her did it! LOL