Tuesday, November 14, 2006


We are now up to 8 baby chicks. 3 were hatched this morning. They are so adorable except K.J. S/he was the black one that was first hatched. I have never seen a chick so mean! I even brought my neighbor over to see how mean K.J. (killer junior) is. I had to close off a corner of the box to keep it away from the others. As soon as I remove the barrier its runs straight to the other chicks and starts pecking them. In the eyes, head, back and even tries to peck their feet so they will fall and it can peck them more! I sat for 2 hours the other night by the box and everytime K.J. started to peck another chick I would peck his beak with my finger and sat him in a corner. K.J. got real smart and knew when I was watching and wouldn't peck. As soon as he thought I had moved away from the box (I hid) he started pecking. When I was back he stopped. The poor chicks just cry and cry when he is free because he hurts them. So for now K.J. is in solitary confinement. I will keep trying each day to teach him to get along. I have a feeling K.J. is going to grow up to be one mean rooster! He does like sitting in my hand and letting me pet him although he did deposit a little present right before I put him back in the box! Killer still has 7 eggs under her, Betty Boop has 6 and Blondie has 8 so the homestead has more fun times ahead.
The photo above doesn't show it but K.J. was pecking Little Red while the others were backing away from him. I sat him with the rest to take the picture. Will take one later of solitary.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Homestead tales..these chickies are SO adorable - like little Easter chicks. As for KJ, he sounds rather cunning...good thing he's been isolated from the rest or they wouldn't stand a chance against that bully. lol!
I want to hold one!! Have you named all of them?

Anonymous said...

Baby chicks are so cute!

I LOVE, the pictures of your bathroom. WOW! How pretty.


Anonymous said...

No one can ever say that animals don't have their own personalities. It's amazing to watch how each one is different. ;)

deni said...

Oh, aren't they sweet!!

Thanks for praying for Tara.