Thursday, November 02, 2006

What Did I Do Today?

Spent most of the day outside. Because if I came inside this happened!

Had to leave the backdoor open because the handyman going in and out all day so when I would come inside so would Miss Diva and Groucho. Miss Diva would even weave her way around all the piles of tools and stuff in the diningroom to get to me. If I hide from Miss Diva and Groucho they would both cry so much that no one could stand the noise.
So I spent the day getting wood in for the cold snap coming tonight. I enjoyed the fall colors and I watched the leaves falling so fast that I couldn't see a single spot where I raked yesterday. Miss Diva is finally back in her pen. Groucho is finally taking a nap on the back of the sofa (unless I get up then he follows me crying) and I am getting ready to build a nice fire in the stove, grab a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, a book and settle down for the night. I just love cold weather and we are suppose to get down into the 20's the next couple nights. Now if I could just have a little of that white stuff falling from the sky it would be a perfect night!


Moobear said...

I hear ya Peggy, I would love some white stuff myself. My husband just built a fire in our woodstove. We are just a few hours away and we going to be cold for a few nights too. Stay warm and take care.

Anonymous said...

Miss Diva is really attached to you. What book are you reading? Just curious!

Lori said...

I had to do a double take on Miss Diva in the door way and then again in the house, it looked just like my Buddy! He's been known to follow me like a little lost puppy :)
I've hid from Buddy on purpose and could hardly contain my laughter as he looked through every porch window to find me.
Keep warm by the fire this weekend, I know I will.

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

I think that's too sweet, they LOVE you. My Daisy Cat is like that, she will cry and cry until I pick her up just like a baby.
Your fire in the stove etc. sounds so cozy - enjoy.

laurie said...

LOL!! We have a horse that would be right behind your visitors.

Kathleen Marie said...

That is so CUTE! Miss Diva must be so attached to you. I did a great thing today and fun. The local human society (I just happened to stop by to say hi to the animals) was dropped off a starving little himalayan kitty. I mean there was nothing to her so I just had to adopt her. She isn't well enough to come home yet. The doctor "Doctor Tom" had just given her a shot so we will have to come up with a name when she gets home - may have to have a vote like you did and I never did catch your little rabbits name? I voted more than once!


Marci said...

That is so funny that Miss Diva comes into the house with you. My goats would leave a mess for sure!!!

novaks8 said...


You have Miss Diva and I have Mackenzie.

I swear if I go out to the garage to do laundry, she starts calling me.

"Mommmmmmmmmmm, where are you???"

Rosa said...

I tell you, you and Miss Diva sure do crack me up! Next think ya know, she'll be sleeping with you with hub is out of town!~ hehe