Friday, December 29, 2006

Chicks New Home

The teen chicks out grew their little cottage and moved up to a townhouse with a fenced in backyard. Some of them have already started roosting on the roosting poles under a hanging heat light while the others snuggle down together under a heat light we hung close to the ground. I close them up at night and during the day they are loving running around and scratching up their backyard. I have a door I can go into the backyard and a door where I can go inside the roosting house. The cottage had a very very small door that I had to crawl in to feed and water them. This is much nicer for them and easier for me! Betty Boop also hatched out another little chick so we are up to 28 now. I took it to my neighbors to put with her babies till its big enough for the townhouse and brought the one she had been keeping for me and put it with the teenagers. Its kinda small around them but they don't seem to bother it. All of them are growing so fast that they soon will be able to move in with the big chickens. The rabbits are getting a new house built. Its so big I call it the hotel. It has a rabbit house on each end with a big cage area inbetween the houses to run around in. It has a divider that I can close in the center to keep them apart or open it so they can have the whole area to run around together. Flower should have babies the 2nd week of January so the hotel will soon have a no vacancy sign out front. We are looking at 2 doe goats so we can still have milk when we dry diva off. Haven't decided if we are going to take them or look around somemore. We will have to build a house for them so Diva or Nitro won't have to give up theirs. Always some building project going on here. I really really want to start my kitchen in January too. Hope your projects for the New Year are good ones and get finished without any headaches!


Anonymous said...

Your yard seems to be developing into a regular townsite of housing for your critters and you other projects. Is it now necessary to install street names and numbers on the homes? Perhaps, naming the homes as the British do might be more appropriate. . .Diva Downs, Poulty Station, Break an Egg Lane etc.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

happy new year..

can i have a baby chick peggy?..pretty please:)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the critters are all getting new homes! Good for them!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy..
Have a wonderful "NEW YEAR"