Sunday, January 28, 2007

I Love Sunday's

Raining this morning when I fed and milked but all the animals were out waiting for me. The teen chicks are still eating like there is no tomorrow. I have been going out and giving them a midday snack to tide them over between feeding times. Jackie O and Mrs. Mighty Chicken are doing better. I sprayed Mrs. wounds and they are healing nicely. She has gotten so use to me checking her wounds she stands still while I do what I have to do. Jackie O is still limping but not as much. I think her injury came from having her foot stepped on. Wormed the dogs today and they didn't mind a bit. The teen chicks in with the big chickens are doing just fine. Thanks to Caroline who suggested placing them on the roosts after dark. The other chickens don't pay them any attention. Sally is still making Donald and Daffy tow the line and follow her around. The baby bunnies are a week old today. I have been petting and hand feeding Flower all week so she would get use to my scent and not stress out when I handle the babies. Mom rabbits don't want anyone handling their young ones but I read if one person becomes the caregiver and the mom gets use to their scent the mom won't stress. I handled one baby the first day and Flower was a nervous wreck. The second time I handled 2 babies and she was right there watching. Today I picked up all the babies and put in fresh bedding and she just stuck her head in and I petted her then she went back to eating. The babies are growing and I got a nice surprise. There are 7 babies not 6! The runt was in the bottom of the nest buried under the others so I didn't see him till today. They are either gray or black. None of them have Thumpers colors. Ms. Diva spent the night and day without her shirt. I debated about putting it on tonight since its suppose to be very cold but she was sleeping with Nitro which should give each of them body heat to stay warm. All of the animals seem to be doing really well so I went out and sold some eggs and ran some errands. Came home and watched a awesome movie called Camilla starring Jessica Tandy. Went out and did the evening feeding and milking. Came in and watched Barnyard. Loved it! My grandkids had been telling me to watch this movie, that I would love the goat. They were right. Have a nice fire going and have receipts allover the living room so I can get everything ready for taxes. Just another quiet Sunday. My favorite day!
Thought For The Day
Achieving a short term goal is like winning a game, but achieving a long-term goal is like winning the tournament.


Anonymous said...

Peggy, did you know that "Camilla" was Jessica Tandy's last film. This is a Canadian film directed by Deepa Mehta, whose Canadian film "Water", filmed in Hindi, is up for an academy award as the best foreign film. Deepa Mehta was married to a college friend of mine Paul Saltzman. It is a multicultural world. in which, we celebrate each other

Jessica Tandy and her husband Hume Cronyn made some wonderful films we can continue to enjoy.

Jeanne said...

Blessings to you my lovely friend.
I too loved Jessica Tandy and her movies.
Love Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Peggy, sounds like things are going well around there. I am always amazed at how fast baby bunnies grow. They are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Having a farm to run must be an endless job but you seem to truly enjoy it so much:-) I love the way you take care of your animals!! I haven't seen "Camilla" but I'll keep an eye out for it...always loved Jessica Tandy! Hugs xox