Monday, January 29, 2007

New Blogger

I have finally switched to new blogger so lets see how much trouble it causes. If you have trouble commenting or with anything else blog related I am so sorry and hopefully things will iron themselves out.
Had to break the ice off the water buckets this morning. Put Diva's sweatshirt in the dryer before putting it on her and she seemed very happy. Went out and gave all the animals a midday snack to keep their body heat up till feeding time. Windchill is at 15 now and was 9 this morning. I have had a nice fire going all day and am sloshing I have drank so much hot tea. Love the cold just wish we had snow to go with it.
Here is my recipe for Homestead Stew. I usually cook it in a big pot on the back of the wood stove but it does real well in a Crockpot.
Start with a 1 lb bag of dried 15 beans. Rinse them off and cook in enough water to cover them. Add the contents from the little spice packet included. When they are about half done add 2 beef bouillon cubes, tsp oregano, 2 cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, 1 bunch green onions chopped, 2 celery stalks chopped, and either a 1lb bag of frozen mixed veggies or leftover veggies from the fridge along with a kielbasa sausage sliced. Finish cooking till beans are done. This is even better the second day. You can add water as you need but you want it thick and not like a soup.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Peggy thanks for stopping by and thanks for the recipes...they all sound good and warm and homey...Annie is mostly scared of SIMON...who won't be. He is a gorgeous CAT but BIG and I would think scary..I know how he bites!! It is even cold here in Savannah!! Keep warm...I envy your wood fire!! I miss those...Sandy

sandy & Jinny said...

Happy Monday to you:
Thank you for yet another wonderful receipe. They sound easy to make and I can't wait to also give this one a try. I passed on a soap to my best friend who came for a visit yesterday. She couldn't wait to go home and use it.
Have a great week.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

stew sounds great..

its about negative one out ehre now and negaitve 20 with the wind..miss diva would not like it here;)

Anonymous said...

Hope you didn't have much trouble switching over...I really think you are going to be pleasantly surprised.

Stew is just what we need in this cold weather. Thanks.

Take care,

Heather Smith said...

That stew sounds delicious, Peggy! I'll have to try it!