Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is It Tomorrow Yet?

This day has to end! It has been one where everything has gone wrong. The guineas we moved yesterday, well Chatty Cathy was back in with the chickens this morning. Only she was running the fence crying to get back to the other guineas! My neighbor brought her net and we caught her AGAIN and put her back. Tried to talk with William about paperwork but its hard to do over the phone. Heard the dogs barking like crazy and find out the neighbors little dog had decided to get in the goat lot and chase the guineas. They got scared and 2 of them got out and ran to the chicken lot. Called my neighbor and we caught Chatty Cathy AGAIN along with the other guinea and put them back in with the guinea that was screaming cause she was alone. Mad at neighbor for their dog and what happens? My dogs get out! Sabrina (lady that works for us) and her daughter go catch them as they were the ones that opened the gate. The dogs get put back in their lot before they had a chance to chase chickens or guineas. Went out to feed and found my youngest teen chick dead. The other teens had pecked it to death. I had moved 8 teens last night to the big lot and guess the others were mad and took it out on the little one. There is a cold front coming in so all the animals have nice fresh warm straw beds and have their tummy full so I am going to shower and get a cup of cocoa and stretch out on the sofa and dare the outside world to bother me! Hope your day has been a good one!
Thought For The Day
Maturity is the willingness to take on an unpleasant task and have the determination to stick with it until it's done.


Anonymous said...

It does sound like a really tough day...thank goodness the Lord's tender mercies are new every morning. Hope tomorrow is better!

Rosa said...

What a day, indeed! I think you deserve some downtime with a cuppa cocoa! Poor you and poor little baby teen. Aw. I guess it's all part of nature, but hard just the same. I love your quote of the day. Isn't it sad we have to get old to understand such things better?

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you lost one of your teen chicks! I do adore my chickens and am sad when I lose any of them.

I hope things improve from now on.

If it's any help, I read a news item that stated that scientists have identified Jan 22 as the most depressing day of the year. I guess they were just off by one. It has to get better from here.

amelia said...

Poor little chicky, what a horrible way to die!!