Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thrift Store Finds

Here is a set of paintings I bought for 50 cents at a local thriftstore.
Here is a set of vintage flower pictures I picked up at a thriftstore for only 99 cents each. Sorry about the reflexion in the pictures glass
Here is a sample of the border I am putting up in the hallway. Walls are a dark cranberry with white beadboard ceiling, white trim and doors except the one into the bathroom. The floor is being put down tomorrow and then I will take photos of the finished hallway.
And here is one of the reasons I am not stretched out relaxing.


Rosa said...

What a gorgeous shade of red on your walls. Awww, that looks like my Bev in her better days.

Anonymous said...

Peggy, your "Chesterfield" (the Canadianism for couch) looks comfy.
Move the cat over and share it with her for a rest. You no doubt deserve it.

i am reading your blog early this morning avoiding going outside to feel the cattle beasts. With the wind chill it feels like -34C this morning.

Anonymous said...

Thrift store are great place to go, never know what one my find.

Anonymous said...

Any cat stretched out on furniture in this house leaves themselves open to being picked up and snuggled. :D That looks like an open invitation from that cat!

Tee said...

The last pic is so cute, LOL!

I love getting a great deal on knick knacks I really like.

I have 1 bedroom in my house that same cranberry color. It's gorgeous. Too bad my MIL is occupying that room :p

caryn verell said...

Hi! When I am not lurking, I sometimes visit thriftshops and antique best buy was last week..I found three full size sheets made from 100lb.sugar bags (1930's) for $7.00 each. Two of the sheets will be used as backings for my quiltmaking and the one left I intend to use on my bed as a top sheet. That is also my secret to shopping thriftstores etc..never buy what I cannot make use of. I also found a "butt" can for the back porch and a lovely sampler that says "Live within your harvest" which I intend to give to my son as a housewarming gift. Your pictures that you bought are quite lovely and I think you got quite a good bargain!!! Sincerely, Caryn

PEA said...

Isn't it amazing what wonderful treasures you can find at thrift shops? I'm always surprised at what people give away! Love the pictures you found!! Love the border you goes perfect with the cranberry walls and white trims! Looks beautiful Peggy:-) Hugs xox

Sandy said...

Hi there:
I am still a looky loo more than a comment adder. But today I have to ask. Do you ever share your soup receipes? Seems you always have something yummy and homemade cooking. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I love your cat all curled up there..Now there is cat I would like to have. You are my Kind of shopper..clearance and thrift shop...Yeap the best kind...I miss good old fires with wood..the best kind!! Have a great warm day...Sandy