Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Journal of Jacob Bowman

The author, Ronald Bowman is the great, great, great, great, nephew of Jacob Bowman. The journal of Jacob Bowman was found in an old walnut washstand, a family heirloom, in 1979.
Mr. Bowman has done an excellent job in putting this book together from his uncle's journal. Being very interested in the simple hard way of life during the 1800's is the reason I wanted to review this book. Getting so wrapped up in Jacob Bowman's adventures was the reason I couldn't put it down!
After enduring a childhood nobody would trade a handful of hot coals for, Jacob Bowman sets out to explore the Rocky Mountains. Through numerous seasons and adventures, he confronts both the virtuous and depraved. Rescuing a young Ute girl forces Jacob into a confrontation with the Yampa tribe, and the forging of a legendary bond with these beautiful people. He barters for the freedom of a black man named John, then travels with him as a friend the excitement of the yearly rendezvous, Jacob becomes smitten with Sarah, one of the ladies delivered for mending and cooking a decent meal. Jacob wishes to return to St. Louis to marry Sarah and hopes John will travel with him. Now, all must venture into the unknown, testing friendships along their final destinations. (TAKEN FROM BOOK COVER)
The journal tells of the many hardships and adventures of Jacob Bowman. Of being traded at the age of 14 by his family for a few bags of goods after his blood brother Fast Water dies. Having to work pounding steel into springs while 2/3's of his wages went to his family. Having to bury his daughter and many many more exciting, funny and sad adventures of his life this is a must read. If the ending of this book doesn't touch your heart, nothing will! Rating this book on a scale of 1 to 5 I would give it 5. History, romance, adventure, Indians, and true stories being what this book is made of then it will appeal to just about everyone.

I have reviewed this book for Active Christian Media voluntarily and received nothing in exchange except a copy of the book.


Anonymous said...

I *love* this kind of thing! There are two blogs (that I know of) that consist of nothing but historical journal entries. How can I get a copy of this book?

PEA said...

Oooh this is the kind of thing I love to read!! Sounds so interesting!! Will look into it:-) Hugs xox

Anonymous said...

this book sounds fascinating! Not my normal reading material but I may have to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

This sounds fascinating. I have a book taken from diaries of women who crossed the country in covered wagons. It's so interesting to read about actual people.
Thanks for the review.

Debbie V. said...

Thanks for the book suggestion - I can't wait. It has everything I love.