Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Gates

Finally getting to post photos! Blogger hasn't let me do this for 3 days.

Nitro had a bad habit of climbing on our old gate so he could beg for treats. The gate kept getting harder and harder to latch so I ask our every ready handyman Wayne to build a bigger, better gate. This one is perfect as the boards are in the direction where Nitro can't climb them. I can reach through and latch/unlatch from the inside with no problem. Its also a lot taller than the last gate. I thought Nitro would be unhappy but since he was a show goat he is use to gates. He even likes going into his stall and being shut in.

Diva doesn't seem to care one way or the other about the gates as long as she gets food!
We have the gates on the stalls so we can close off a goat to trim hoofs, check them, etc. The divider is tall enough where they can't get to each other nor reach thru the slates but where they can still see each other. Nitro seems to think he needs to keep an eye on Ms. Diva but she thinks since she has gotten what she needs from him he needs to stay in his own room! Of course Nitro being the king of the pen had to have a close up. Diva is very happy I have someone else to take pictures of and will let her have a break from the lime light.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Peggy thanks for stopping by my blog. Hmm. I think that you would not be able to take your computer and still stay in the old days..somehow I think that they would look at you REALLY funny...don't you think? smile. Glad that Diva and Nitro are well adjusted now to each other and to the new living quarters. I am still trying to get over the lose of our Lucy...I know she was just a cat but really meant a lot to me...Sandy

Anonymous said...

They're so cute! When is the Diva due? Adorable... I can't wait to see baby pictures! :D

Rosa said...

They sure do get the royal treatment! How sweet. I love the way Nitro gives you the ol' skunk eye! Too cute. And Ms. Diva, as sweet as ever.

Anonymous said...

The gates look great!