Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Morning at Hidden Haven (part 1)

I love Sunday mornings! I take my time doing the feeding and milking so I can catch up on what's new with all the critters. During the week it seems rushed to get done so I can get onto other projects. This morning greeted me with a warm sunny start to my day. Later on mother nature will be giving me rain and thunderstorms. I took advantage of the morning and did a little visiting around the homestead and thought you might want to tag along.
The birds were letting me know their feeders were getting kinda low but I soon found out what the problem was.
After milking Diva had decided to take a nap but was nice enough to come out for a picture as long as I promised not to put a stupid hat on her this time.
Nitro was busy eating hay and was upset there was picture taking and he wasn't in the middle of it. Diva told him he better be quiet or he would be wearing a silly hat.
But he is such a camera hog he didn't care as long as I got a close up.

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