Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Morning at the Homestead (part2)

Over at Chicken Lane Blondie seemed to be having to wait a long time to lay her egg. She refuses to use any of the other nesting houses so guess she better start getting up earlier to be first in line. Still waiting but at least she is next. Please hurry up in there! Are you almost done in there? Come on! I have a egg that needs to be laid! FINALLY!
John Henry seems to be the king of the roost most of the time.
Except when Chicken Little chases him around the neighborhood. Many months ago John Henry mistaken Chicken Little for a hen. Chicken Little set him straight very quickly and now if John Henry gets anywhere near Chicken Little you can sit back and watch a little rooster make a wimp out of a big rooster.
Mr. Frizzy just ignores them both. He is more interested in the ladies.


~Nancy~ said...

What kind of chicken is Mr. Frizzy? He is just TOO cute!
Loved the update/tour. You have such a sweet collection in your homestead zoo.
Happy New Year!

Cathi said...

Enjoyed the tour of the chicken town. How in the world do you remember all of their names???? LOL

amelia said...

I just LOVE your posts!!! The animals are incredible, I love reading about all of them.