Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Morning (part 4)

Thumper seems a little disappointed that Flower had rather eat a carrot instead of talking to him.
Chatty Cathy never shuts up and I mean never! she makes this loud annoying noise right up till she falls asleep. Even the other guineas seem to get tired of it.
Fred and Ginger seem to be in love as much as they always were.
Fred does get alittle ruffled whenever you get too close to his sweetheart.
And dear Sally is still run around Sally. She always makes the boys cry. She likes to love em and leave em and Donald and Daffy just keep trying to win her heart.
I am so proud of my teenagers. They are all roosting now! My little chicks are growing
Do you think Mr. Frizzie knows he is a daddy? Thank you for tagging along with me this morning. Hope you have enjoyed catching up on the critters with me. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to count those blessings!


Anonymous said...

Loving your little AM pictorial! Thank you! (I love my chickens, too!)

PEA said...

Oh Peggy...LOL! I so enjoyed that! Love all the names you give your animals and they all seem to fit their characters! lol You seem to so enjoy living on a farm and all that comes with it and I love it that you share it with us!! Much love xox

Lynn said...

Hi Peggy,
Are your turkeys Bourbon Reds? We have 7 of them. We live in our basement, and so my kitchen window above the sink is at ground level. The turkeys love to crowd around that window and stare at me all day long! They are the ugliest things!

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Rosa said...

I'm back! I missed the homestead and all the babies. Looks like you have it all in order. Missed you! Happy New Year! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love your new blog look! What a great walk through! Wonderful. I love the names of your critters. I had a Fred and Ginger Angel fish! Ha!

Emily said...

Ah yes, annoying guinea noises! With that I am well acquainted. :) Multiply Chatty Cathy by seven or eight and you can guess what it sounds like in my backyard. They are as cute as ugly can be though. I enjoyed the Sunday morning stroll, Peggy. That was a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I like your new decor Peggy, and your trip thru the yard visiting the kids was great. Thanx!! It's getting a little chilly here too, in FL. I lived in Charlotte for almost 10 years and it only snowed once! Plenty of ice, tho. Have fun snuggling with kitty.