Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Weather is Suppose to get Frightful

But inside its so warm and delightful! LOL The temp has dropped 10 degrees in the last hour and we are suppose to get ice and freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. The animals all have extra bedding. I made Diva a blanket wrap to wear instead of one of her sweatshirts. Nitro is loving the cold weather and wanting to play. I played a few minutes but got tired and a little chilly so came in. Left him standing at the fence crying for me to come back and play some more. The baby bunnies are all snug and warm in their nest. They are growing so fast! They still don't have their eyes open yet but their ears are floppy and they have the cutest little buck teeth! I have a pot of cabbage that I cooked on low all night and have added carrots, potatoes, celery, onions and sausage to. That will keep my tummy full and my body warm. A friend told me that during the winter animals don't drink as much water and she had been making warm mash for them to eat in evening feeding. One it gives them more water and two it warms their bodies. She made the goat mash from beet pulp, goat feed and sweet feed. She made the chicken mash from chicken feed and beet pulp. The beet pulp retains and gives the animals the extra water they need. I am going to feed mash for this evenings feeding. Will see how they like it. We aren't having extreme cold like other areas but for us its cold and I love it! I have several projects I am going to work on tonight and tomorrow that will keep me inside and close to the fire. I also am going to be lazy and read and even take a nap if I feel like it which doesn't happen often around here! I hope everyone is snug and warm and able to have a relaxing day.

Thought For The Day

It doesn't matter what your intentions are or how high you set your goals; What you;ll be remembered for is what you accomplish.


Donna said...

Enjoy a warm and cozy afternoon!

Rosa said...

I can't believe how much the bunnies have grown! Awwww. I want one! If only I could. pout. You are just the bestest mother in the world. Will you adopt me? I'll live in the barn too.

Laurie & Chris said...

my goodness they are getting big at ready.

PEA said...

Omigosh, I can't get over how much the bunnies have grown in just a week! They are soooo adorable!! Peggy, I didn't think you ever had any free time to nap and read a book! lol Stay warm...we're supposed to get quite a bit of snow in the next couple of days so we'll see if it materializes! Hugs xox