Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just Another Day in Paradise

Chatty Cathy has decided not to escape the goat pen anymore. I think she got tired of being chased with a net. She has even stopped being so chatty! She and the other 2 guineas are doing well in their new home. I really must name the other 2 but until now all I ever heard or saw was Chatty Cathy.

Ms. Diva was able to go without her sweatshirt today but have a feeling it will be back on her tomorrow as we are suppose to be getting some bad weather tomorrow night. Nitro wanted his cookies this morning but was in such a hurry to eat them he dropped them on the ground and wouldn't eat them after I picked them up. I put them in his feed bucket and noticed he was eating them before I walked away. This afternoon he wasn't even taking time to chew one before trying to grab another. Diva even ate one this afternoon. She does that now and then but doesn't seem to care for them.

Jackie O and Mrs. Mighty Chicken are still in Hidden Haven Hospital but are getting better every day. Jackie O found a way out yesterday and was scratching around right next to where she got out so was easy to put her back. Both of them are laying eggs so hopefully will be well enough to get back to the chicken pen soon.

Unfortunately Gertrude is a rooster so have changed his name to Gert. He let me pick him up this afternoon for a snuggle but is always starving to death I put him back down to eat. He and the others are truly teenagers as they are never full! I will be moving 5 more this weekend from the teen dorm to join Gert and the big chickens. Moving them after they go to roost works so well.

Sister and Sister Sister are each sitting on 2 brown eggs. They are bantams so when the hatch their chicks they will be surprised at the size. I am hoping my little hospital will be empty and I can put them with the chicks in there. It would be nice for them to keep their babies instead of having them took away. I am going to let Diva keep her babies. She had triplets her first time and twins her second but her owner at the time takes the babies before they have a chance to bond. She bottle feeds the kids. I believe a mom should be able to stay with her babies. She can give them the love and nurturing they need.

I have 30 strawberry plants I am going to set out after this bad weather passes. Last year I had lots of strawberries from my tiered bed but dear sweet Ms. Diva ate them all one day while I was chasing the chickens that had gotten out. I have maybe 3 plants left out of 50. This time I am going to put a wire fence around to protect the plants from all animals. I hope to plant my onions and cabbage in Feb. and am sure I will have to watch Diva and Nitro if they go for a walk. I still have several seed catalogs to go through to finish up my order for spring. Have to enjoy sitting by the fire while I can because it won't be long till it will be working outside till dark.

Sold 5 dozen eggs today to one lady! She has alot of family visiting from overseas. She also wants to buy Daffy or Donald. She bought a bunch of chickens from my neighbor and her dad is going to build her a pen. It would solve the problem of the 2 of them fighting over Sally come springtime. I will have to think about it.

Carrying in the wood today I saw a beautiful woodpecker. I always think of mother and feel like its her way of letting me know she is still with me.

A soap customer didn't get their package and when we tracked it it was in IL and was only going a few towns over from here! The post office said it got put on the wrong truck... duh, you think? But all in all it has been a good day at the homestead. Hope your day has been a happy one.

Thought For The Day: A sense of humor bridges the distance between sadness and joy.


Donna said...

You always impress me with your remembering all the names of your critters.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i want to have your life peggy..please adopt me.

PEA said...

You know, I would love to follow you around for one full day...I bet I'd be exhausted half way through! lol You are so busy and yet enjoy everything you do:-) Glad to hear that all the animals seem to be doing well...love all their names too! hehe Hugs xox

Jeanne said...

Your fur angels are lucky to have you.
I used to have a doll named Chatty Cathy.
Love to you.
Keep warm.
It is a cold winter January morning
here in Ontario Canada!

Tee said...

Busy! Always busy!

I keep meaning to get some soap from you. I'm dying to try them. They sound so fabulous. Maybe when we get our tax return my husband will give me a little spending money for myself :)

That's funny that Nitro wouldn't eat the cookies off the ground.

That's so nice about the woodpecker. Did your mother love birds?

5 dozen eggs - WOW! ... We have started to buy our eggs from a guy my husband works with - just to be nice and support local business, etc. I'm trying to get used to the brown color. I don't know why it bothers me so much. They taste exactly the same.