Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just Another Thursday

fHope was the winner of my heART drawing and was kind enough to email me some photos.
This is a photo of her soap she won along with a extra bar, a easter hand towel and a tin with candy.
Her and her husband are living in and redoing a house built in 1929!
She lives on the outskirts of a little town that reminds everyone of Mayberry.

Thank you Hope for sharing the photos and for the sweet email. Looking forward to hearing from you often!

I didn't get around to taking photos of the baby bunnies today though I did hold and pet a few of them. I promise to take pictures tomorrow. Today was busy getting the grapevines pruned, setting out strawberry plants, cabbage and onions. I made a big pot of potato soup and left it on the back of the wood stove all day. It made a yummy supper and I have plenty to share with my neighbor Fran tomorrow. A very nice sunny day with temps in the 50's again. It was a good outside day.


Hope said...

Hi Peggy,
It sure looks odd to read your post and see my own photos which definitely need improvement!! Thanks for posting this so everybody can see what wonderful treasures I received and a little section of my world and so they can know how grateful I am for the gift. The soaps are wonderful! They smell delicious and feel so good on my old rough skin!!
Thanks again and I'll be checking back daily! Thank you too, Miss Diva!
Love to you both,

PEA said...

Your packages are always so much fun to receive Peggy and I've no doubt Hope loved everything:-) I wish it would start to warm up here but it's going to stay frigid for the next couple of weeks yet according to the long range forecast!

Sharon Kay said...

Hi Peggy,
I love your your stories and pictures of the wantabee "Mayberry". Through blogging we sure can meet alot of new friends. Yes I would love to have the wallpaper border. I would be so glad to pay for it and for the shipping. email me at Thanks so much!
Sharon Kay