Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Edited to add a photo of Sammi though its not her best side as you can't see her face (eating is more important). Philip found the photo on Beaver Dam Farms blog and was nice enough to let me know so I could post it.
Sammi a registered Nubian will be joining Hidden Haven family in March. Right now she is awaiting the birth of what is thought to be twins on Feb. 10th. Her owner takes the babies and bottle feeds them so after 2 weeks of resting after delivery we will go pick her up. I took my camera but was excited at looking at all the goats and babies that I forgot to take a single photo! Sammi is coming from the same farm we purchased Diva. Beaver Dam Goat Farm is a very kind and loving home to many Nubian's. Paula takes care of every single goat and does all the milking alone. I just love her farm and how it is set up. She had the cutest preemie in her garage. And 3 little babies in a pen right outside the garage. Paula had several senior does that she was selling because she was keeping their babies. Sammi picked me. I was petting and talking to her and getting ready to go look at the others for sale when Sammi gave me a kiss on the check and seemed to say I didn't need to look at any others. So Sammi is going to be our milk goat while Diva is on maternity leave. Then we will have 2 milk goats. Slowly building up our herd.
William made it to NC from Oregon and I drove to Charlotte to meet him there so we could go look at goats. Its a 3 and half hour drive but I enjoyed sightseeing on the way. The trouble was when I got to the city and all the traffic. Made me realize why I don't like leaving the homestead! Luckily I keep a safe distance behind the driver in front of me because while I was sitting at a red light a truck slams into the back of my truck. I was talking to William on the cell phone as he was telling me where to turn to meet him so he heard me scream. Scared both of us. I was far enough back that I didn't hit the dump truck in front of me so when the light turned green I pulled into a service station and the driver of the pickup followed me. Thank goodness I was driving Williams pickup that has a heavy bumper because it didn't do any damage. The other guy had a big pickup too with a heavy bumper and no damage there either. So after asking me if I was OK and me telling William there was no damage we went on our way. After driving another hour to see the goats we were going to go out to dinner. On our way back to the motel there was a young man sitting in his car on the side of the road. William pulls over to see if he can help. He had ran out of gas and just arrived in Charlotte from Alabama and was on his way to his mothers home. Not only did he run out of gas he had no money for more. He wanted us to take him to the next exit and he would call his mom. Well William hooked to the young man's car and we towed him to the next exit where it took us forever to find a gas station. William paid for the gas and gave him some money to get something to eat. By that time it was getting late so instead of the steak dinner we had planned we grabbed McDonald's and took it back to the room to eat while we rested and caught up on the news. William had to leave out today for MO so we got up this morning and had a wonderful breakfast, found a laundromat to do his laundry and then I headed home. Sabrina and Katie fed and milked while I was gone. It felt good to be able to go away and know the animals would be looked after. Diva was happy to see me this afternoon and Nitro could have cared less as long as I had his cookies in my pocket!
Other news around the homestead is Ginger our bourbon red turkey died. She was old and caught a chill when our temps dropped and just couldn't seem to shake it even with antibiotics. The baby bunnies are running around everywhere and squeal like a pig when you pick them up. Going to set out strawberries and cabbage tomorrow. Time to start thinking gardening and getting everything ready for spring.
Thought For The Day
A mere rearranging of letters is all that separates the "Ha Ha" of laughter and the "Aha" of invention.


the night owl said...

Peggy, Sounds like you have a full life with all the animals.I know you are thankful for not getting hurt in your accident. Tell William , he is a great man helping the other guy.This sounds like something my husband would do!! Keep in touch. Baba

Rachel said...

So glad that hit from the back did not cause any damage.

So nice to help someone else. I'm sure the young man was grateful!

I'll be looking forward to seeing Sammi!! Love the bunnies in the previous post. They are so cute!!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Wow Peggy what a time you have had. I am so glad that you are okay. If you talk to Lazy Daisy she had a car accident but her car was totalled. That was so nice of William to help the young man out. How wonderful of him. You ARE going to be like Noah's ARK very very

PEA said...

Thank goodness you weren't hurt and that there was no damage on the truck! What a scare though!!!

Can't wait to see pictures of the new member of the farm:-) Wonder if Miss Diva will like another female there? lol

I'm so sorry to hear about the turkey dying...I know how close you are to all your animals.

I can't even start thinking about gardening...we have to wait until the end of May, early June to plant anything. Hugs xox

Anonymous said...

Sammi sounds like he is a little charmer. Can't wait to see pictures of him.

Glad you were not hurt in that accident. Take care of yourself and stay safe.


sandy & jinny said...

May I inquire as to where Norm is? I havn't seen anything about his life of Holiday after holiday.
Sandy & Jinny

Anonymous said...

1.So very glad that you werent hurt in the accident...phew!
2.Sorry about Ginger..thats sad.
3.What beautful people you are to look after that lad. You are an inspiration for life itself.
4.Congratulations on your soon to be new addition. How exciting.
xox Nicole

Caroline said...

How exciting about Sammi! Can't wait for pictures! Sorry about the accident... I hate driving in urban areas, too. More baby bunny pics!

Rosa said...

OMG, Peggy, I am so glad you were in the truck. That is so scary! So glad you're ok!!! Exciting news about your new baby! What will be able to keep Miss Diva's babies? (How many do they have, normally?) Sorry to hear about Ginger. It sure has been cold. And the bunnies! Squeeling like pigs, only on the Homestead! hehe xoxo

Wendy A said...

I always love visiting your farm! I bet your really looking forward to spring.

Caroline said...

Oh my goodness, Sammi is *gorgeous*!! I can't wait to see pics of her in her new home when you get her! I hope I have some babies that cute...

LisaOceandreamer said...

First of all let me say that I am so glad there was no injury, harm or damage in that rear-ending! So glad you were in the truck.
Secondly I am quite amazed by William's generosity. You see I many not have stopped, actually I wouldn't have. I guess the TV news and newspapers makes is rather scary to stop for a stranger who may or may not be just setting up a trap to rob or worse. Isn't it awful to feel that way? It's really very sad. So I applaud your helping that boy in the way you did.
So and new goat eh? I guess I musted have missed that Diva is in the family way. Nitro's the man! lol!
You're really building up and frankly I can't wait to see and hear more Tales from the Homestead.