Saturday, March 31, 2007

Are You Crazy???

Thats what all the animals were asking me this morning. A friend and I had a yard sale today so that meant I had to feed and milk extra early in able to be at the yard sale. Well I go out before daylight with my trusty flashlight only to be ignored by the chickens. They lifted their head out from under their wing. Gave me a go to you know where look and went back to sleep. Diva and Nitro didn't even bother to get up when I fed them. Sammi was very unhappy that I made her get up so I could milk her. She kept turning around to look at my like she was asking if I knew what time it was. The ducks didn't even bother to look at me nor the baby chicks. They just slept right through the feeding. Chatty Cathy of course had to do her usual screaming but soon went back to roost and sleep. Only the dogs and cats were happy I fed early. They ran to greet me with tails wagging and smiles. Everyone had plenty of feed waiting on them when they decided to get up and I headed to get ready for the yard sale. I had went over yesterday afternoon and set up my tables and priced everything. I covered them with a tarp for the night so all I had to do this morning was uncover them and straighten up alittle. A lady that is going to open a antique shop in St Paul waited while I uncovered everything and then proceeded to buy just about everything I had. She left with 4 huge boxes and a big rubbermaid tub full of items. It was nice to sell it so fast but when other customers came my tables were kinda bare. I remembered to take fresh eggs and some of my soaps and ended up selling 6 dozen eggs (all I took) and almost all my soaps. It was fun chatting with my friend and her mom and having a break from the homestead for a few hours. Out of all the things I sold at last yard sale, this yard sale and on ebay you think my house would be getting decluttered. Its not! I still have lots more things to go through so I can downsize and declutter. I am getting to old and too busy to dust alot and I think keeping a few of my favorite things instead of lots of everything looks nicer. Now if I could just convince William to part with some of his stuff! I came back this afternoon and Diva and Sammi were upset with me. I hadn't been here to give them their afternoon snack before feeding time. Nitro just wanted to eat and he didn't care if they pouted or not. The chickens didn't mind either. They had 23 eggs waiting for me! I need to clean all the yellow pollen off the porch and deck but think I will wait till tomorrow. A nice glass of tea and a rest on the sofa sounds really good to me! Have a great weekend and enjoy spring wherever you are!


Jeanne said...

Blessings darling one.
You are always so very busy!
Love Jeanne

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Peggy, nice to hear that you had a good yard sale. You know sometimes I do not like those people who just go around buying up stuff like that!! BUT I guess you got it all over with quickly. We have people here that do that only then they take it over here to a flea market and raise the price then resell it all again!! Hmm!! Not sure I like that much!!
I don't mind doing dishes!! Thanks for stopping by today and seeing my Photo Hunt!! Have a great weekend.

LisaOceandreamer said...

Sounds like a very successful sale you had - wish I could have seen the treasures.
I can just imagine what all the animals were thinking to see you so early! No wonder you needed a rest on the sofa!

Anonymous said...

Wow you did great on your yard sale. My nightmare would be that I wouldn't sell

Too funny about the animals not wanting to get out of bed for an early breakfast. Everybody has their own routine...


Rachel said...

Shocked the critters there with that early morning routine didn't you!! Haha!!

Glad the yard sale went so well. I need to have one. Getting ready is the hardest part I think.

Hope you are resting today.

"Early Bird" said...

You sale sounded like a great success...I can testify that your soap smells lovely and I can see it going fast!
I hope you have a good rest from all your hard work!

Rosa said...

Congrats on a successful yard sale. I did that once and it never entered my mind that some things wouldn't sell and I would have to lug them back inside. hehe. They weren't, I took them all to the local women's shelter (mostly kid stuff). You're lucky! Yes, I think cats and dogs would eat until they exploded if you let them, any time, any where!