Saturday, March 10, 2007

Beautiful Saturday

Got up bright and early this morning to feed all the animals before hitting all the yard sales with my neighbor. The first few just didn't have anything that I needed or wanted. Then we found a estate sale! I had a ball! There was so much I wanted but am going to go back tomorrow when they cut the prices in half. I did pick up a couple of glassware items that I will be listing on ebay next week. It got up to 72 degrees here today and was sunny. Almost like spring passed by and summer came knocking on the door. I am working on getting things arranged in the dining room. Here is a sneak peek. The rooster painting was done by ArtbyDonnaRose at etsy. She did the painting for me and I made soap for her! It looks beautiful in the diningroom. The chickens on the buffet are just a tiny part of my collection. I am going to be putting some of my collection on ebay when I unpack them. I put them away to redo the diningroom. I have had the doors and windows open to let in all this wonderful fresh air. The sun is going down and its getting chilly so think I had better close up the house and start supper. Everyone have a great weekend!


Rachel said...

That's quite a rooster collection!!

The weather has been lovely. I think spring is here! Yeehaw!!

~Nancy~ said...

So pretty!
I got rid of all of my roosters a year or so ago. I couldn't believe I had over 2 dozen! I never even really "collected"....they just sort of came to live with me, LOL.

Check this out:
Saw this link on FunkyFinds and thought of you and sweet Diva,

Don't you love it?!

Have a happy spring!

PEA said...

Well just from what I can see of that little corner of your dining room, it looks beautiful!!! You're making me yearn for yard sales but they won't start here until at least May, darn it! Have a wonderful Sunday my friend:-) xox

Jean said...

Looks like everything is coming together nicely! Love all the roosters and chickens!

Anonymous said...

I know you are busy today with William returning.

I hope he is pleased with all that you have done!

One weekend in the coming months maybe I can come for a visit (alone) and we can go tag sale-ing!

meggie said...

Lovely pic! Have a great day!

Donna said...

You have a wonderful talent in arranging and displaying treasures!