Sunday, March 11, 2007

Great Sunday

Had a great Sunday. I met William in SC and we spent the day at a flea market. Lots and lots of tables full to look over. I actually only purchased a few items but William racked up on some great finds. We had a yummy hotdog lunch and headed home. Spent the afternoon bleaching water buckets and taking care of the animals. We unloaded the van from our outing and I got started on Williams dirty laundry. Since William was gone on Valentine's Day he took me to OutBack for dinner. I just LOVE their steaks! We shared a blooming onion and the steaks just melted in our mouths. We wanted their famous brownie but were just too full and even brought home a doggie bag. I listed a couple things in my ebay shop and got some items ready to mail that sold today. William is relaxing and reading the NC Argiculture Review and dreaming. It was a nice warm sunny day in the 70's again. Just a all round perfect Sunday... Hope yours was too.


Celtic Crossroad said...

Hello Peggy...we stumbled onto your site and are glad that you enjoy our music. We would be appreciative if you would provide a hyperlink to our home

Thank you,

Mark, John and Tom (Celtic Crossroad)

Rosa said...

What a wonderful day it sounds like. Outback, yum!!! I have yet to be able to have dessert there. Who has room after their meals???? One day, I'm just going there for dessert. Wanna meet me?? xo

PEA said...

You really did have a lovely Sunday:-) I've only been to the Outback once (we don't have one here in Sudbury) and I remember how good the food was. Those Blooming Onions are to die for..yummmmm!!! I wish it was going up in the 70's here too but we're just barely reaching 32! lol xox

Marci said...

Sounds like things are going well there Peggy. I love you new floor and the rooster painting.

Hope your ebay store does well for you.