Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Started back this morning sorting and finally have the yardsale stuff together and priced. Have enough boxes of collectibles, vintage and antique items in the soap shop to list on ebay for six months. The uhaul is cleaned out except for holiday items and some household items that will come back in the house after we finish remodeling. I am dirty, tired and grumpy. We took a trailer load of junk to the landfill and have another load to haul off tomorrow, then I will load the yardsale items to take to the neighbors for our sale Saturday. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and it feels good! We have had another beautiful sunny warm day and tomorrow is suppose to be another warm one. We are suppose to have thunderstorms and rain tomorrow afternoon so I will have to hurry and load all the stuff in the trailer and cover it with a tarp.

Doesn't the uhaul look nice and clean now? You can actually walk to the back to get something without having to climb over boxes or furniture. Now if we could just get the warehouse and the semi cleaned out I would feel a huge weight off my shoulders. Other than that, life on the homestead is still being run by the animals. Diva is waiting to lay around and eat all day. She is truly being a diva right now and taking advantage of being pregnant. Sammi is in her stall right now as Nitro wants to aggravate her since Diva won't play with him. Bud is so mad at me for moving his house again he tries to scare me by hissing and coming at me with his mouth open like he would bite. I hiss back at him and he turns tail and goes to hide in his corner. The guineas are now penned in the "hospital". The pen I kept the 2 hens in till they healed. They don't like it but hopefully they will forget about the chicken pen in a week or so and I can move them to the other side of the yard and let them run free. Thats about it for a day on this homestead. Time for a hot shower and a rest!


Rosa said...

What a job, but wow, I bet you feel so much better gettin' er' done! I had to laugh at Bud and your hissing at hime and his running and hiding. Too cute!

Rachel said...

You have been so busy!! I hope the weather is nice for the yard sale!