Thursday, March 15, 2007

In The Groove

Mom to be doing what she does best- eating!
I have moved Sammi away from Nitro so she can have a break from him. I have already been to the feed store for alfalfa. Gave the rabbits new straw for bedding. Flower should have babies next weekend. Gotten 2 soap orders ready for shipping and listed 3 more items in my ebay shop. The day is going great so far. I still have to haul off more trash from yesterdays sorting adventure, load the trailer with the yardsale items and cover with trap as its suppose to rain tonight and tomorrow. I still need to set out my lavender and rosemary. Need to worm Nitro and Sammi and give Ms. Diva her vitamin E injection. I have a ton of laundry, wallpaper border to hang and a gift I need to work on as well as a mountain of paperwork but I am getting lots done! If you get bored take a peek at my ebay shop. If you are looking for something special or collecting certain vintage items let me know as I have boxes and boxes of items left from the antique/ collectible shop. If I have what you want I won't list it on ebay. Well its off to finish outdoor projects before the rain hits. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to count your blessings... especially the small ones.


Rachel said...

Looks like Sammi is enjoying some food there! You are a busy lady.

I got my soap and goodies!! It smells so good!! I just love it! Thanks so much!!

I'll check out your ebay stuff next!

meggie said...

Hope your day has been pleasant. Sounds like you are sooo busy!

Jeanne said...

God bless you and all your little fur angels.
Love you