Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Whats Going On Around the Homestead

Moved the young chicks to the teen pen. They were happy to be outside after being kept inside all the time.

Elvis, Priscilla ,Marie and Ann Margaret weren't too happy to have to give up the teen dorm and move into the big chicken pen. They didn't like being the new ones in the neighborhood.
The guineas were upset at all the change and started pacing and screaming. They are still in prison and have another 5 weeks before they are released. That is if they stay on good behavior.
Fred noticed the new family moving in the big chicken neighborhood and wasn't happy. He had to show Elvis that he was the head honcho by strutting his stuff.
Fa, one of the bunnies from the first litter found out he could jump and get up in the top part of his condo. Each time I put him down he jumped back up. So I gave up and left him there. He seemed to enjoy watching the chickens from his new perch.
The new baby bunnies are doing great. Even little Willy, the one that I had to bring in and warm up. Flower has always let me hold her babies, carry them around and then bring them back so I knew she would take little Willy back after he got warm.

Thumper is waiting for his back rub. He gets one every morning and evening when I feed. He will back up to my hand and wait. When I start rubbing his back he will start licking my arm like he is giving me a bath.
Betsy and Snow White are still fighting over who sits on what eggs. I put a divider in between them hoping that would solve things. Now they just climb over it and try to roll the eggs back to their nest. They don't want the other sitting on any eggs!
John Henry is on parole for the night and heading up the ladder to roost. He will go back out of the pen in the morning so he won't bother the hens.
Some of the other chickens decided to turn in a little early this evening. Guess they had a busy day and were tired.


Donna said...

I'm glad Willy is doing better. That Elvis is one handsome turkey!

Lynn Bartlett said...

Peggy, can you do anything with a rooster that insists on attacking me? He is a beautiful Buff Orpington, and he just won't quit! Most of the hens have their back feathers pulled out as well, so he is very aggressive.

Rachel said...

I love the names of your critters!! Fred is so pretty! Things sound cozy around the homestead!!

Tee said...

So funny that the chickens fight over the eggs. LOL.

The bunnies are my favorites :)

Marci said...

I love that brown bunny and that turkey is gorgeous. What type is he again?

Tammy said...

I loved seeing all the animals on this post...I also love the way you name them all!
PS...I have a new blog address...click the above link.

meggie said...

Loved this post, but then I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for all the pics. That turkey is amazing.

Jeanne said...

Lovely photographs of all your fur angels.
How lovely indeed!

peppylady said...

I may be a bit confuse is Fred or Elvis the Turkey?
I'm guessing Fred is Brown and White big tom.
I've only seen white turkey around here.

Seldom Seen Acres said...

I just found you blog today...
I'm sure I'll be back often... I like it alot! :-)

p.s. Fred is one handsome bird!

Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of your animals. It's nice how you have given them cute names.

Rosa said...

I LOVE the pic of the chickens going up the ladder!! OMG! I cracked up. They must bring you so much joy to watch! And the babies. Awwwww.

PEA said...

I so loved seeing and hearing how your animals and chickens are doing:-) I was thrilled to hear you have and Elvis...you know what a big Elvis fan I am! LOL Love it!! They all have their very own little characters don't they!! xox

amelia said...

You are such an amazing woman, or should I say 'Superwoman!!!'

It makes me tired just reading your blog. Do you ever get time off?????