Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bath Time Is So Much Fun!

This morning I took Mona, Curly and Larry outside for a nice warm bath in the sunshine. They had such fun splashing and washing each other. They didn't even mind that they had a audience.

After their bath time I let them go in the peacock pen for the day so they could enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. They are now back in their little house for the night. Its hard to believe that these little gosling's are going to grow up to be about 4 ft tall! They are a week old today. Grochio and Whiskers didn't know what to think of the little peepers. Had a nice visit with my stepson Ray, Sharon his wife, Wayne his son and Amy who will be Sharon's daughter in law one day. I think Sharon will have as much fun with Amy for a daughter in law as I have with Sharon. We went thriftstoring today and spent time playing with the animals and then just sitting on the deck talking. A nice peaceful day. I needed a break and now have energy to hit the soap building and get all those soap orders out! Have a great weekend and count those blessings!


Marci said...

They are adorable.

I answered your questions on my blog, but thought I had better come over here. I would keep her in a pen by herself if you have one. Sometimes the other does get really nosy and bother the laboring Momma. Also, sometimes they try and steal the kids.

Rachel said...

They are too cute splashing around!! It was a pretty day and I know they enjoyed that!

meggie said...

Did I read correctly?those little Goslings will grow to FOUR FEET tall? that seems incredible.
They look so cute swimming about. And your cats are lovely, observing the swimming lessons.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Great pictures as usual. I always love it the best when you post the pictures too. Cute picture with your cat watching!! They are such cute little ducklings. this way we can watch them grow up with pictures!! Glad you had a relaxing day. Sandy

"Early Bird" said...

My children were given one each one Easter...guess who had to take care of them?? Mama of course...I think I put them in the pond too soon though as they didn't last long...sigh!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I want to come and play with the animals, thrift shop with you and sit chatting on your porch!!! What a joy that would be!!