Monday, April 23, 2007

New Look!

Don't you just love the new look! Revka did a fabulous job! She gave me a choice of my own pictures or a site where I could find one I liked. I liked so many I couldn't make up my mind so she found several really awesome ones and I chose from them. I love the font, colors, I just everything! She is have a grand opening and if you hurry on over to her site you will get a special rate! If you don't want or need a good look at least drop by and tell her hi and what you think of Hidden Haven's fresh look.
I will be back later to post update photos on Ms. Diva. I feel so sorry for her as she is having such a hard time getting up or down with her HUGE belly. I sat with her late last night and brushed her while I talked to her. (yes, I am nuts!)


meggie said...

Love that new look!!
Poor Diva, you are so kind to her.

Revka said...

Thank you, Peggy, for posting this. :>) I'm very glad you like the header. I'm very pleased with it, too. I really appreciate your letting everyone know about my site and about the grand opening special.

I hope Ms. Diva has a safe delivery. I know those last days of pregnancy are horrible, even for a goat. :0)

"Early Bird" said...

Bless Diva's heart...I feel for her and you!
I love your new look...I'm gonna check out the site cause I'm wanting a header!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Beautiful banner!! I really like it. It makes you even feel good when you go to your own blog when it is changed doesn't it? I completely understand. I am very happy with mine right now too. Very nice..Sandy