Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Build a Cabin and Climbing Trees

After chores this morning the kids wanted to play outside. They spent the first part of the morning playing hide n seek and freeze tag. After a quick run to the feedstore and drive thru Wendy's for lunch they had bigger plans. The last time they were here they played in the "cabin" that 2 of my other grandchildren had built when visiting. It was taken down and the wood stacked up to build a water garden. They decided to rebuild the cabin by their bonfire and are determined they are going to sleep in it tonight. This has been tried by all the grandkids and so far none have lasted all night in their cabin. We have owls that love to hoot all night. Ft. Bragg enjoys playing war in the middle of the night with their big guns. Hunters like to run their dogs in the swamp behind our property and they bark all night. Add these noises to the usual night noises and the kids end up back inside before midnight. But they have spent the best part of the day building their cabin, putting a layer of straw down, covering it with plastic and then with an old blanket so they will have a soft warm bed to sleep on. They then decided to take a break and climb the magnolia trees so they could see all the animals and their cabin from "up there". They said I looked really small from way up there and that sounded pretty good to me! We are going to cook hamburgers over the fire tonight for supper with strawberry shortcakes for dessert and then I will come inside and finish a mountain of laundry while they spend the night in their little cabin in the wildwoods of the backyard. Woody (the oldest) is the video game player of the group and has only turned his game on twice for just a little bit since being here. He told me there is too much to do outside here that he doesn't have time or want to play his games. I think that is great!Look real close near the top of the tree. The little boy on the ground is one of the many neighbor hood kids that have came to play each afternoon. Right now there are 10 kids in my yard playing hide n seek. I am so hoping my flowers and plants survive the invasion!


Donna said...

What memories they are making at your house.

Marci said...

Those look like huge lincoln logs. I bet they had fun building with them. I hope they make it all night!!!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I can remember being this age and I would have LOVED doing what your grandkids are doing!! They are having a BALL!! They are going to remember this for the rest of their lives. You are forever going to be in their memories because of what you are letting them do grandma!! remember this!! You are making good memories for them!!

Anonymous said...

I bet building the little cabin was
so much fun.
Take care,

miss*R said...

Hidden Haven sounds like a dream for kids! I remember playing at my Nan's in a cubby and climbing a willow tree - memories that will last forever.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

When I was a kid we dug under ground forts in the deep red brown podzolic soil. They were great fun. One year, in the dead of night my father pailed out the septic tank and used our "fort" to get rid of it. We had to dig another.

My interest in log cabin came as an adult.

It is good to see kids amuse themselves with what they discover in their environment and use their imagination.

Luckily, for grandma. . . .they are not trying to use her computer.

Rosa said...

Where on earth did you get those life-size Lincoln logs? How wonderful!! Wow!! I want some!!