Monday, April 16, 2007

Can You Hear The Silence?

With the grands gone there is no line for the bathroom. No sink full of dirty dishes while we are all outside playing. The washer and dryer are empty. Its kinda of quiet and lonely but I am also getting myself back into my routine. I have veggie seeds that need planting. More plants to set out. Lots of limbs to clean up from the windstorm. Soap to make and orders to ship. I have several things I need to get done before Diva has her babies. And I have a blog neighbor coming to visit. She and her husband will be here in May. I am so excited but have lots of things to get done before her visit. Life may be a little quieter but its still a good life with lots of adventures around each corner. Hope you enjoyed your day and that your week is filled with adventures and blessings! Tomorrow I will get back into my blog "groove" and catch you up on the animal adventures and homestead news.


Donna said...

Hope your return to regular life is a smooth one!

Anonymous said...

That will be fun for you to meet up with a fellow blogger. Wonder if they will get to see Diva's babies???

Take care,

Marci said...

I have the painting pattern for the plaque you have where the kids are waiting for the outhouse!! =)

I will have to fill in the details of the birthing here on my blog. I don't have time right now though.

"Early Bird" said...

that is the cutest "outhouse" pic I've ever seen!!
We only have one bathroom in this house, the grandson was here New Years and came running downstairs to find someone in the bathroom...he said where is your other bathroom...I said we only have the one...he said in this big old house there is only one????

tlawwife said...

I'm getting very excited about the visit.