Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sunny Day

Chasing the clouds away....... Been humming that song to myself as I worked outside. Have alot of the branches and limbs picked up from the storm but stopped and decided to dig a hole to sit the water garden tub in so the ducks and geese could use it. The ducks just couldn't wait for it to fill up before they tried it out and started putting dirt in it.
I finally finished filling it and they all are out there splashing the water back out. At least they have a nice day for a swim. Bonnie and Clyde weren't happy with me being in their pen and took it out on Daisy and Donna by bitting them on the neck. They hissed at me but I walked right up to them and they decided to go hide in the corner Sister Sister and Killer have both been sitting on the same nest of eggs for several weeks. I tried moving some of the eggs and one of them to another nest at different times and it didn't work. Today a chick hatched out and I want it to stay with its mom for awhile so I moved things around. The rabbit condo that the 2 older babies from first liter lived in is empty. The grands took them back to give to 2 of my other grands that had ask for them. Anyway I cleaned out the houses and put fresh straw in and then put a egg and the baby chick in along with sister sister. She settled right in with the chick and is sitting on the egg. The chick even drank some water.
Since they seemed to be doing so well I decided to move Killer. I close the screen between the condos and put fresh straw in the other house. I moved the eggs under Killer first then went and got her. She bite me the whole time I was carrying her but when she saw her eggs she sat right down on them. I have checked several times and she is still sitting. That will free up the laying box they were in for the other chickens to lay their eggs. I had been having to fight killer to get the fresh eggs out from under her. This will work well for all of us.
The Toulouse gosling's are doing well. They ran to a corner while I cleaned up their house. They are starting to get use to being handled. I want them to eat from my hand and come to me as they grow bigger.
The guineas have been so good that I decided to open their pen and let them out. Want them to keep ticks and bugs down around the yard. The pen has been open all day and they still haven't figured it out. They aren't the brightest bird on the homestead.
Fred was enjoying the sunshine and taking a nap by the tree till I woke him up taking his picture.
Even Tramp was taking advantage of the sunshine while napping.
Some of the baby bunnies were enjoying the shade of their house instead of the sunshine
I think everyone at Hidden Haven is thankful for the sunshine today. Hope you are too!


Rachel said...

I am thankful for sunshine and warmer weather today!! All your critters are soooo cute!! I just want to pet and hold them all! Well, maybe not Bonnie and Clyde!!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

What a post today!! Everyone is doing so well..No pics of Diva!! Hope she is doing well now. She is close to having her baby or babies right? I dont know how you handle those chickens..they are not my favorite animal at all. They bite and I just remember being on the farm when I was little. Never did like that. Sandy

Donna said...

It looks like you were back in your homestead routine today. Loved all the pictures. The baby duck was my favorite.

meggie said...

Lovely lot of pics for your animals today. I love the rabbits, & have often thought I would like one.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see everyone is doing well on the farm. I am with them...the sunshine feels wonderful.

Take care,

miss*R said...

my friend has guinea fowls - they kill snakes!
love the brown and white spotted chook, what breed is that?

Lee-ann said...

Look how the family of hidden haven is growing what a true blessing and for grandchildren what fun!!! gosh I have missed your posts and have wondered how things were going in your part of the world.

I look forward to reading your back posts to find out more about your "family"

enjoy your day. Lee-ann

amelia said...

I just love your family, it's a joy to read your blog!

"Early Bird" said...

I so enjoy seeing the goings on at your place...as busy as you are you still take time to share!
You are the Woman!!!

Marci said...

Those baby geese are adorable. How big are they brand new? Bigger than chicks?

When does Bud get to go out?