Monday, May 21, 2007

Birth Annoucement!

Willow Run Tome' Nitro & Beaver-Dam Bravo's Frosty Diva

Are Proud To Annouce The Birth

Of Their


Born Monday May 21, 2007

Hidden Haven Brown Robyn

Seven Pounds



Hidden Haven Frosty Dan

Eight Pounds




amelia said...

Please tell us all about it when you are recovered!!!!!!


miss*R said...

oh I was asleep, when they were born and raced here when I heard the news - Peggy, I am actually crying right now - one little kid is named after me - I feel blessed & touched by you and your friendship.

I am so glad that it is all over for you all - at last Diva can concentrate on getting her figure back and you can settle down and relax.
They are gorgeous - can't wait to watch them grow up xoxo

ps and look at Diva, she is such a good mum - so proud!

Mrs.Garcia said...

Congrats Nitro and Diva, you both are going to be great parents.
the boys are so cute.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Uh huh Uh huh- who picked the right date AND how many kids?

Uh huh!



Can't wait to see them.

Call me!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I was out and when I came back I saw your post about the "nephews"...omgosh how sweet they are!! I am so happy for Diva AND you for this finally happening. Well I had the date right but it wasn't morning and it wasn't just one. One out of three isn't bad! heehee I just want to hug these little furry boys and Diva looks so attentive! What a blessed event! I cannot wait to hear how it all played out and to see the pictures as they get older! Congrats to all!
Auntie Lisa Oceandreamer :)

Hope said...

Congrats to Diva and Nitro AND to Peggy!! I know you're glad it's finally over! The boys are soooo handsome!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! TO EVERYONE AT HIDDEN HAVEN FARM!! You have the cutest little goats...little boys!! Oh how sweet!! I am so happy that Diva has this all over with now!! They are so cute!! Diva looks like she is liking this new job as mama!! I bet you are feeling so much better too now, Peggy...Take care and have fun with the new babies...Noah' Ark here we come!! Sandy

Rosie said...

Two ENORMOUS buck kids! 7 and 8 wonder she was having a time of it. Sorry you didn't get a doe kid out of all that trauma, but they are both handsome boys. I didn't know Nitro was a Willow Run buck.

PEA said...

Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh...congratulations!!!! I thought I'd check my comments before eating dinner and saw the one you left me so of course I had to rush right over!!!! hehe Ohhhh they are soooo adorable and I love the names you picked for them. Diva did GOOD:-) xox

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Peggy, you must be relieved and excited. It won't be long before the two little "buckeroos" will be romping and butting heads to everyone's amusement. They will give you days of pleasure. Your Diva did you proud.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all at Hidden Haven!!!
Looks like Mom And Kids are great!
Thank You for sharing so quickly
Sandy & Jinger

Rosa said...

How exciting! Awwww. they are adorable!! I'm sure you are so proud, along with Miss Diva, of course. Aw, Peggy, I'm so happy for you! Tell Miss Diva, we are all relieved this is over! Phew! Big hugs to the new family! And boys, oh, she will have her hooves full! xoxoxoxo

JoyceAnn said...

Congrats to Ms. Diva and Nitro.
Those little fellows are mighty handsome. Happy to hear all is well.

Donna said...

Very handsome boys! Wait until they start trotting and hopping around the barnyard. It's quite entertaining! Now maybe everyone can get a full night's sleep.

"Early Bird" said...

I know you have to be so relieved...and they are soooo cute and worth the wait as babe's often are!!

Marci said...

They are adorable. I am glad it is over for you and for Miss DIva. Is she being a good mom?

annablume said...


HomemakerAng said...

CONGRATS! they are adorable! I am glad miss diva looks to have faired well and a good momma too!

Georgeanne said...

Congratulations!! What beautiful baby boys!!!!

Mary said...

Such handsome kids!! So happy for Diva and hope she soon gets her figure back. As for you Peggy - some good sleep needed I'm sure - you must be exhausted too.
So happy they are healthy and so very cute, and that Diva is a good Mummy.
Looking forward to the complete story when you have time.

Autumn said...

Oh how sweet!

Tina said...

Yahoo! Congratulations! I know you are happy as a pig in mud! You Peggy and Diva! They are so CUTE!

jill said...

yayayayayay!!!!!! im so happy!!!! you must be happier!! hehe

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Friend Peggy, How wonderful! Congratulations on the birth of your two little angel boys. To think that you named one after Robyn.... what a lovely, sweet thing you have done. You could'nt have picked a nicer person. Enjoy them... and and watch them grow. Trust me to find out a whole day later.....

All my love, Nicole xox.

Sabrina said...

Hey Peggy - Congratulations to you and William, and of course to Ms. Diva and Nitro! :) Those are cute little bucks and I can see their heritage. When they get a little older they can play "butt heads" with their daddy! Katrina likes them, too. Wish we were there to give them a bottle, though I'm sure Ms. Diva's got that covered! Get some rest, have fun, and take lots of pictures!

Anonymous said...

Dear Peggy,
Oh they are just so beautiful!!! Absolutely perfect. I wish I was there to give them all a hug including you! Such a happy event. Time to celebrate!!!

All the best!!!

Lee-ann said...

O! Peggy how wonderful what darlings they are and to think from the very beginning we have all watched this family grow and well I almost feel like an auntie!

Are the other farm yard family all in the know about the birth yet or are they being kept away from the others.

They have the most beautiful colours and I am sure you are so proud!!

love to you all Lee-ann

Jeanette said...

Congratulations to Happy Haven Peggy, Diva and Nitro two new Kids at the farm. look forward to hearing more and watching them grow..

mvegan said...

congratulations!!!! so so so cute!
Maybe I will paint them....!
Here is my new goat painting mirror by kittycrossbones:
:) kisses to the little ones!