Monday, May 21, 2007

Last Chance

if you want to put in a guess and a chance to win a gift basket of Diva soap and a bar of a new scent made especially in honor of her kidding.
May 21st in the morning.. Lisa (Oceandreamer) one baby
May 21st Mary Novak twins
May 21st Rachel twins
May 22nd Ray twins
May 23rd Mrs Garcia twins
May 23rd Jeff&Michelle triplets
May 23rd Marian
May 24th Pea twins
May 25rd Mary twins (boy&girl)
May 25th One Blue Egg... triplets
May 25th Ms. Robyn twins
May 26th Tee Twins
May 28th Marian
June 1st Sandy & Ginger 1 baby ( Diva hopes you're wrong on the date!)
Caroline doesn't want to pick a date but says it will be twins
For those that had picked the 20th I really thought you had it. Diva was having contractions from 4:30pm till 1am. I have just came back inside after she stopped and went to sleep. I am going to shower and then go back out and check on her. Hopefully the next post will have photos of babies or of me totally white headed and in a padded room.


meggie said...

Oh Peggy, You are such a caring soul! How exhausting for you- but I would be the same. Once sat up till 3am helping our little cat birth her kittens.
Keep well, & blessings to you & Diva for her long journey to motherhood.

PEA said...

Noooooo she can't have them until the 24th!!! lol If today happens to be the day, then the best of luck to you and Diva...hope everything goes well!! xox

Anonymous said...

Dear Diva,
I so thought we had a deal!!!

Poor Mom...I sure hope you are able to deliver soon or Peggy is going to be a nervous wreck.
I can't even imagine how unfomfortable you are.


"Early Bird" said...

for both of your sakes I hope it is soon!!

Marci said...

If we are allowed to have second guesses, then I guess the 23rd her due date. If we aren't allowed, that is OK. I am still hoping it is soon for both your sakes. =)

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Peggy, this has really drug on longer than I thought it would and KNOW longer than you thought too..Poor Diva I am sure she wants it over with very very bad. I am wondering what she is thinking!! Poor girl!! Hang in there. Soon I bet.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Dear Peggy,

I spent yesterday checking and rechecking your blog to see if I would be right in my prediction for Diva's great adventure. Alas! I did not win. She is holding out for another. Boo, Hoo! I will still hold on for triplets.

Happy Victoria Day, God Save the Queen!

jill said...

may 23rd - one little baby. >:)

Anonymous said...

waiting is hard I know!

Give me a call when you get a chance!