Sunday, May 13, 2007

Movie Day

I decided to make today movie day. I had several movies I have been wanting to watch and since it was a cool cloudy day it was perfect for movies. The first one was FOXFIRE. Jessica Tandy was wonderful in this. It was filmed in the Appalachian mountains that I grew up in so I enjoyed seeing things I recognized. The movie is about a widow having to decide whether to leave her mountain home to go live with her son (John Denver) in Florida and help him care for his 2 children. Her husband and other family members are buried on that mountain and she talks to her dead husband everyday.She thinks she will be deserting him if she leaves the mountain. The movie goes back and forth in time but in a good way. If you enjoy mountain people, mountain scenery or just a good old movie then you will love this one!
The second one was O PIONEERS starring Jessica Lange and David Strathairn. Made from Willa Cather's novel. Alexandra inherits the family farm and struggles to carve a home and fortune from the windswept prairie. She forfeits her one love to devote herself to the farm to have her love come back 15 yrs later. If you like pioneers, farming, family, love stories and beautiful scenery you will love this movie!
The last one I watched today was: Anne Frank (the whole story). It had more of the Anne's life, her family are covered in greater scope and a harsh unblinking look at the conditions experienced by millions during the dark days of World War II. This had me counting my blessings for the life I and my family have and feeling sad for what so many had no choice but to endure. Its 3 hours long but well worth seeing.
Those are the 3 I watched today and am glad I took a movie day complete with popcorn and diet coke. Hope you enjoyed your day too.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i have never heard of those movies..but they sound nice..

i am always up for popcorn ans dt coke:-)

Perri said...

I've made a note to check out the first two to watch with the kids.

Your fairy garden looks like it's just waiting for tiny visitors. So cute.

LisaOceandreamer said...

Sometimes that's a perfect way to spend a day. I've seen both movies but it's been years...but I do know they were great films. I've seen a couple of Anne Frank movies.
Glad you had a chance to stop, relax and just BE!