Sunday, May 13, 2007

Still Time To Make A Guess

These are the dates that are left. Still time if you want to put in a guess and a chance to win a gift basket of Diva soap and a bar of a new scent made especially in honor of her kidding. Will take a photo tomorrow so you can see what she looks like now. Her udder is so big she is having a hard time walking because her hind legs are so far apart. Her belly is huge and she has a hard time breathing when lying down. I am hoping she kids in the next couple of days but what do I know and Diva hasn't told me her timeline!
May 15th Jeanette twins
May 16th Sharon .. twins
May 16th @ 1:30pm peppylady girl 7lb3oz..... what a neat surprise if its all correct!
May16th JoyceAnn... twins
May 17th FlipFlopWorld
May 17th Nicole twins
May 17th greeneyes triplets
May 18th Rosa twins (boy & girl)
May 19th Nancy twins (boy&girl)
May 19th Connie ( 1 baby with big feet)
May 19th Distilled Rose Products twins
May 20th Philip triplets
May 21st in the morning.. Lisa (Oceandreamer) one baby
May 21st Mary Novak
May 21st Rachel twins
May 22nd Ray twins
May 23rd Mrs Garcia twins
May 23rd Jeff&Michelle triplets
May 24th Pea twins
May 25rd Mary twins (boy&girl)
May 25th One Blue Egg... triplets
May 25th Ms. Robyn twins
June 1st Sandy & Ginger 1 baby ( Diva hopes you're wrong on the date!)
Caroline doesn't want to pick a date but says it will be twins
Marian picks May 28th but really thinks May 23rd so I put her down for both dates!


Greeneyes said...

Hi again
I still say triplets and uhhhhmmmm, May 17th sounds right , the poor girl , bet she wont go behind the fence with that cute goat again, wink*** LOL
Hope she goes ASAP !
Take care and love the pics .


Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, can I please have the 17th as well. I'll say twins.
Much Love,
xox Nicole.

Jeanette said...

Hi Peggy I say the 15th and twins

Mrs.Garcia said...

Peggy, Since I have already guessed for Mother's day .
I would hope that she would go on My Daughter's birthday May 23rd.
I think it will be twins.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Poor Miss Diva. I was so hoping for Mother's Day!! She must be horribly miserable by now...I will just keep checking. I would like to see her her have them right now. But I will pick May 17th because that is my oldest granddaughter's birthday!! She will be 18 and I cannot believe it!! So that is my guess...Sandy

marian said...

So now I have to pick my grand's birthday which is really late....May 28..... when I really believe that it will be the 23rd.
Good luck to Miss Diva, whenever it is.

"Early Bird" said...

I cannot believe she had gone past my birthday on the 11th..
Baaaad Diva!!

miss*R said...

I won't change my guess but I really think the babies will be born on the new moon ~ it is 16th May, 12.27pm PDT (whatever that is).

sorry I have been scarce but as you know coming up to the dark moon always makes me go inwards & I have been reflecting in my garden.