Wednesday, May 02, 2007

No Babies Yet.. BUT

Signs of Labor

Ligaments are "gone".Feeling the ligaments and the tail head are my main warnings that kidding may happen within the next 24 hours. Note: Ligaments have been known to "come and go"; you can't feel them at all and then they reappear. (Diva's are softer but not "gone" yet)

The doe's tail head is noticeably raised. . You can practically put your fingers all the way around the spine right before the tail. Feeling the the tail head and ligaments are my main warnings that kidding may happen sometime within the next 24 hours. (Diva's tailhead is raised and I can almost touch my fingers around the spine before the tail)

"Far away" look in the doe's eyes. Eyes wide. The whites of eye may get slightly bloodshot. (she gets the far away look in her eyes right before she starts having contractions)

Pawing at the ground (making a nest). (She has been doing this for several days)

Laying down, getting up, laying down, getting up, laying down, getting up.... It's really hard to get comfortable when you are really pregnant and going into labor. (She has been doing this all day)

Long clear string of "goob" (mucous) hanging from the doe's vagina. (Had this all morning)

If the goop is amber, it is amniotic fluid, and kidding should happen very soon. (She had a little of this this afternoon)

The doe's udder in full and tight. (full and tight)

The doe starts drifting away from the herd. (She is staying in her stall most of the time and ignoring Sammi and Nitro)

The doe becomes more vocal. (been doing this for a week)

The doe may start talking to her babies before she delivers them. (Not that I noticed)

The doe may do a lot of stretching and/or yawning. The stretching can be the doe trying to get the babies in the correct birthing positions. Stretching along with tail arching are actually contractions. (Been doing this for a week)

The doe may become more affectionate toward you. The doe may even start licking you. It is ok to let her do this. (she always does this but she has been keeping Nitro away from me when I am brushing her.)

The doe may become more afraid of you or not want you to touch her. (No and doubt it will)

If the doe does anything that makes you say, "Gee, she never did that before."
Acting weird. ( For the last week)

So there are the signs of labor. What do you think? I am hoping tonight but think it will be within the next couple of days. Who knows. She could stop all these things and start again next week. I think she enjoys having me out there rubbing her belly or brushing her back. Will let you know something as Diva lets me know it.


Caroline said...

Just keep checking! I have no idea what time frame does have. It is said that alpacas always give birth during daylight hours, and horses at night. I've heard of goats giving birth at all hours, from 4:30 am to midnight. Sunspot was born around 8 pm.

A watched pot never boils?

Can't wait to read about the new bab(y)(ies)!

the night owl said...

Wish I could be there to be the baby nurse....How exciting !!! Keeping my fingers crossed for a safe and easy delivery. Baba

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Just got home from church and saw that you had posted so hurried over!! Bet it is watching for the good news..Poor Diva...about time to get those kiddlings out of there and get her "girlish figure" back. Sandy

Karen said...

My call is for triplets, middle of the night tomorrow night.

I'll be checking back to see how it goes!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Checking in...oh I truly hope for Diva's sake it does happen in the next 24 hours. This is getting SO exciting!!
What a miracle to witness!!

amelia said...

I keep checking in every couple of hours to see if there's any news!
I hope everything goes well for Diva and you!!!

Rachel said...

Very exciting!! This is way earlier than my guess!! I'm so glad you liked some of the names I chose!! I laid down for a nap and started thinking about names and as names came to mind I grabbed a pad and pen and wrote them down and then posted the comment later. Glad I did now since you actually liked a couple of the names!

I have been to Pilot Mountain! Very pretty place. I loved the Andy Griffith show and it remains a favorite of mine.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You will be camping out in the shed tonight! Diva will make you proud soon. I have given up on the May 2oth date but I still think you will be gran'mere to three kids.

Donna said...

Wow! I learned something today with this post! :-)

meggie said...

I always thought 3rd May & 3 kids, but it is 3rd here today, so maybe not yet.
I hope she has an easy time. How wonderful for you, but also very nervewracking ..the waiting.

miss*R said...

oh I have been out all day arguing with workmen and didn't get to check as often as i would have liked - xoxo

Rosa said...

Ew, goob doesn't sound good.