Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Diva Dates

Well its May and the countdown begins. Thought I would post all the dates picked so everyone can see the dates chosen.
May 3rd Karen middle of the night triplets
May 3rd rosie... triplets
May 4th Sharon V..... twins

May 5th.. Marci....triplets

May 6th.. William.... twins
May 7th... NightOwl.. twins (boy and girl)
May 9th NancyR.. twins

May 11th...Early Bird... twins

May 13th Mrs. Garcia.. twins
May 13th Annie Johnson (by the dark of the moon) Identical twin girls

May 16th Sharon .. twins

May 16th @ 1:30pm peppylady girl 7lb3oz..... what a neat surprise if its all correct!

May16th JoyceAnn... twins

May 18th Rosa twins (boy & girl)

May 19th Nancy twins (boy&girl)

May 19th Connie ( 1 baby with big feet)

May 19th Distilled Rose Products twins

May 20th Philip triplets
May 21st in the morning.. Lisa (Oceandreamer) one baby

May 21st Mary Novak

May 21st Rachel twins

May 22nd Ray twins

May 23rd Jeff&Michelle triplets

May 24th Pea twins

May 25rd Mary twins (boy&girl)

May 25th One Blue Egg... triplets

May 25th Ms. Robyn twins

June 1st Sandy & Ginger 1 baby ( Diva hopes you're wrong on the date!)

Greeneyes didn't pick a date but says triplets
Caroline doesn't want to pick a date but says it will be twins

Its not too late if you want to get your choice of dates in. Remember the winner (besides William and I) will get a gift basket filled with Diva soaps and be the first one to get a bar of Mom&baby soap thats made with a special scent and mold in honor of the new babies. Please oh please let it be soon before I am completely gray headed from worry.


PEA said...

Well I picked May 24th but I hope I lose because I know how much you want her to have them much earlier! lol It will be fun, though, to see who was the closest:-) Hang in there, Peggy!! xox

"Early Bird" said...

How funny...I had forgotten I had picked a date and the amount!
I stand by it as it is my birthday and she just looks to be having twins to me...not that I'm a nanny expert or anything

"Early Bird" said...

How funny...I had forgotten I had picked a date and the amount!
I stand by it as it is my birthday and she just looks to be having twins to me...not that I'm a nanny expert or anything

"Early Bird" said...
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"Early Bird" said...

So sorry about the extra comments...I tried to erase but Blogger is being a Booger!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Happy may Day. Try to relax. I now think Diva wants to give you a triple Mother's Day present. Your William has a good date. Could he have inside information???

Sharon said...

Ok, here's my vote: May 4th -- twins.

I don't care if I'm wrong or right. . .just want to see the babies (and have you stop worrying).

Sharon V.

miss*R said...

still no news? gee, I am like a godmother demented....wringing my hands etc..

poor Diva - isn't it awful when people keep asking her "are you still here" - oh how I remember that & I would groan and snarl to myself and think "well, yes, silly person"

love from the #1 godmother xoxo

Rosie said...

You are having a pool! What a great idea...wish I had done that with Blinkin's "laying in"...that went on for six weeks!

I'll put down for triplets on the third!

You and I must get together for lunch next time you are in the area.

nancyr said...

I think she will have twins on May 9th.
We had four foals born here years ago, and all four mares had them on May 9th, 10th or 11th.
Sounds like a good time to be born

the night owl said...

My guess is for may 7th , a girl and a boy.......Baba

Caroline said...

Once you see what she looks like when she's ready to deliver, you'll never forget it. With Summer, the spine between her hipbone and the base of her tail became absolutely *tentlike* just hours before she went into labor and delivered. The ligaments were totally gone and it was ENTIRELY obvious, to an extent that I had never even read about - unmistakeable! Good luck to you and Diva! I'm not going to pick a date, but I'm going to vote for twins, and I can't wait to see them!

Lynn Bartlett said...

We had twin kids born earlier tonight, and one was so weak the mother left it to care for the stronger one. We have her inside and are feeding her milked colostrum via an eyedropper. I hope she makes it.

Melli said...

She sure is cute! I hope it's ... soon! ;)

miss*R said...

it is 8pm Wednesday night here - I have been popping in and out all day - I will probably come back before I go to bed to see if there is any news. poor Diva!
and the poor gal - gas - how horrid for her - the indignities of motherhood!

Marci said...

For both your sakes, I hope it is soon!!!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Poor dear, sweet Diva....you just know she'd be trying ways to induce labor if she knew them. I keep coming here to watch for any news. As to the arrival date and how many, wow, most dates are taken in and around the projected date. BUT the MORNING of May 21st sticks in my head..and for some reason I only see ONE baby but then...ah ha, the other is hiding and out it comes for twins.
But even if I'm wrong, winning won't matter, as long as all are healthy!!

miss*R said...

morning of May 3rd here in Australia - still no news ?? well, like they say - those kids will come when they are ready xoxo

Rosie said...

Sounds like she is getting really close, Peggy. I bet you have them before the night is out. It's those ropy clear streams of stuff to watch out for.

Anne Johnson said...

May 13 by the dark moon, identical twin girls.

jill said...

Hi! I love your blog!! I'd like to pick May 10th and twins. xo

Rosa said...

Poor girl, I don't know now if I want her to WAIT until the 18th. She looks huge!