Thursday, May 03, 2007

Still Laboring

Being the over anxious mother that I am I took my blanket and pillow and spent the night with Diva. When she slept I slept. When she cried and moaned I rubbed and talked. I came in around 3am to get something to drink (straw tends to make my throat dry) then went back and stayed with her till about 5am. She slept through a contraction though she was moaning. This morning she ate a few bites of her feed then laid back down and started pushing her head against the board dividing her stall. Other than changing sides this is how she stayed all night. And this is how she is at the moment. Being this is her 3rd kidding I know she is capable of handling things but this is her first delivery of babies of a big buck and its also my first kidding so I want to be there for her. Last night she would lay her head on my shoulder when we slept. When she would start to have a contraction she would lick my face.(since she couldn't sleep she wanted me awake too). I have opened her stall gate for now so if she wants to walk around she can. Sammi is standing guard in the next stall watching everything and Nitro is taking advantage of the situation and eating all the leftover grain and alfalfa. Right now I have some grocery shopping to do and a few little tasks around the house before my guests arrive. Maybe Diva is waiting for Carol and Terry to arrive so they can take pictures while I take my place as labor coach. Will update when I have any news.


miss*R said...

oh it is 10pm Thursday night and I am off to bed - I bet the babies will arrive when I am asleep and I will be the last to know :(

poor Peggy, you must be so tired.... I will be there in my dreams. sending much love to both of you xoxo
I hope there is a birth announcement in my inbox when I wake in the morning :)

amelia said...

Hoping it's all over for her very soon! Poor baby!

Rosie said...

How's it going?

Has she gone into "hard" labor yet? Pushing with her back legs to give her contractions more umph?

Betsy, my goat yoda, has been having trouble accessing your comment threads. But I think she would advise getting some strong molasses tea and some calcium gluconate into her. Do you have someone there or nearby in case you have to "go in"?

Betsy thinks she's going to have one humongous buck kid.

Marci said...

Praying here Peggy for a safe and healthy delivery!!!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I just read your "quote of the day". i hope you look back on this occasion as a Willa Cather moment of happiness.

Rosa said...

What a good momma you are.