Thursday, May 03, 2007

No News

Edited to add Diva is out walking about the pen and no more contractions. Guess the babies were bullying for who was going to come out first and gave Diva some pain. The "tent" like hump goats have when they are having contractions has gone down. Other than that things are the same and its a wait and see game. I am going to stay inside tonight and enjoy my company with the baby monitor close at hand. Maybe without me there she will have a surprise waiting for me when I do bed check. :)

Since 10 am diva has not had anymore contractions. She is still in her stall mostly sleeping or resting but no moaning, crying or pushing. I am keeping an eye on her while I do things around the yard and will let you know when things pick up again. I am going to be totally gray headed before these babies are born.


LisaOceandreamer said...

I truly thought there would be news of a birthing today - but then again the day isn't over. If there are in fact twins perhaps one wants out while the other is content to stay put. Therefore labor stops and starts until one of them wins!
I'll keep checking...even while on a blogger break...I can't miss this!

PEA said...

Awwww I do hope she has the baby/babies soon, I can just imagine how much you dislike seeing her in pain and so uncomfortable! Will keep checking in on your blog for any news update!! xoxo

miss*R said...

7.21 am Friday morning here and the godmother has been awake all night! well, off and on anyhow - wondering how Diva is going. thank heaven you don't live close or else I would be over there right now. x0x0

miss*R said...

maybe she was having those dreadful branxton hicks contractions - do goats have those?

anyhow - I am off out for a few hours - I will take my pager with me - just message me if she goes into labour (hee, hee)
thinking of you xo and enjoy your visitors
ms*Diva must be beside herself with delight, knowing she has the world on tenterhooks right now :)

Rachel said...

How nice that you spent the night with her!! You are a good Mommie!!
I hope all goes well for her when the baby/babies finally decide to enter this world.

Tina said...

Well, I'll say a prayer for Diva and Peggy tonight...maybe in the morning there will be great news...I hope its twins! I have a twin, his name is Tony. When we were little the principal of our school~ he named his baby twin ponies after us...Tony and Tina, everybody in our little town knew we were named after his ponies...we thought that was great!

meggie said...

She is keeping us in suspense, & you are missing some sleep.
What a wonderful 'Mum' you are!

miss*R said...

10pm Friday night - off to bed soon - hoping all is going well & hope there is some news when I wake up!