Saturday, June 16, 2007

Goodbye Daisy

The blog neighborhood has lost a wonderful friend today. Daisy Lupin has passed away. Her daughter has posted the info on her mom's blog. Please stop by and leave a message for Daisy's family. Daisy was loved by everyone that knew her in the blog neighborhood and will be greatly missed. She always left sweet comments on everyone's blog. Loved poetry, art, and was a very talented lady. We will miss you Daisy.


Anonymous said...

My deepest sympathy to all her friends. She sounds like she was an absolute lovely person.


Jeanette said...

On my way To daisy' s to pass on my condolences to her family.

PEA said...

I was away all weekend and am just now catching up on everyone's news...imagine my shock at learning about Daisy's death. Oh Peggy, how can this happen to someone who was so full of life. My heart aches and my tears won't stop flowing...I just can't believe it!! xox