Monday, June 18, 2007

Grands Are Here

Quintin and Wayne are outside climbing the Magnolia trees while Zack, Julie, Gabby and Will are inside playing Imaginiff boardgame.

So far there has only been a couple of arguments which PopPop and Grandma put a stop to right away. They have played baseball, rode bikes (after poppop added air to the tires, adjusted the seats and did minor repairs so everyone would have a bike), went on a scavenger hunt, played their own version of poker, fell asleep watching a movie, played under the sprinkler, helped feed, milk, and gather eggs. The boys started out going to spend the night in their cabin that was built when a couple of them were here last time. That lasted a couple of hours till they came inside swearing there were coyotes out there! The girls have decided they are going to spend the night outside tonight. They say they aren't chicken like the boys are and are going to sleep in the hammock under the stars.. We shall see if they last. Seems like I spend all my time saying "close the door, the air is on!". But we sure are enjoying the grands and everyone seems to be falling asleep early after a busy day.


Rachel said...

Busy times for you I'm sure, but fun!! I hope the girls sleep outside okay and show those boys!! teehee

Donna said...

We say around here "shut the're letting all the bought air out!"

Greeneyes said...

God Bless you , you must be the sister to the 'ever ready bunny' , who keeps going and going and going and you get it , girl i would love to have your energy ,
may the strength be with you
Take care


Paula said...

My son loved to camp out in the summer. We'd have to move his tent every day or so to make sure the grass didn't die. Glad to know you're enjoying your time with the grandkids.

Anonymous said...

Wish I was there having fun with the grandkids...I think it would really be the best place to visit.

Take care,

Lady Laurie said...

Hope you have a wonderful time with your Grandkids!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Having fun grandma? Yeap that is something else with that many grandkids. Hang it there!! Sandy