Thursday, June 28, 2007

This and That

I will be back off and on during the day to add little tidbits but wanted to share a new blog with you now. I found this blog last week and was hooked right away! I even read all her archives before leaving the blog. When you check it out make sure you aren't in a hurry. So pop on over to Eyes of Wonder and tell her Peggy sent you. Will be back in a short while with photos. The grands are raking the chicken pen, cleaning and filling the duck and geese ponds. I am sure there will be lots of photos moments with these two!

With a promise of a nice swim after chores Zack and Julie got busy raking the pens while I emptied, cleaned and filled the ducks and geese pools

The geese couldn't wait to take baths but the ducks wanted to finish their naps before getting in their pond.

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PEA said...

Are they finding even the work fun on the farm?? lol Good little helpers you have there! I'll go check out that new blog you linked:-) xox