Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We had fun at the flea market but Zack really didn't want to stand that close to his sister.

Lady, Tramp and Sheba think they should be allowed to have a kid for a "pet" all the time! They enjoy the attention and all the walks.Mom whats a bath?Bath?? I want to play in the mud!

After the much needed shower of rain we picked more tomatoes off the vines.

So far only the grands have enjoyed the hammock. I have plans to enjoy one evening real soon.


Anonymous said...

Peggy, your Grandchildren look like they are having a wonderful time with you. I love your hammock... match it with a good book and you'll have a winning recipe for sure.
Have a wonderful day my friend and take care of yourself. xox

peppylady said...

I have never been to a giant indoor flea market before.

tlawwife said...

I envy you those tomatoes. We didn't even plant any this year.

"Early Bird" said...

Fun summertime pics!

PEA said...

Lol typical boy, doesn't want to get too close to his sister! hehe Wow, I can't get over your tomatoes...ours have just been planted so we won't have any for a bit yet. Loved seeing all the pictures...that hammock sure looks inviting!!! xox

LisaOceandreamer said...

Things are bursting with bounty at Hidden Haven Homestead....from love to harvesting vegetables.....romping with the animals and sharing time together. These are THE times of life worth cherishing!
Look how big the "boys" are getting!

oh and 2 dear friends visited here and I showed them my bounty of your soaps. They loved them so I gave each one a bar and they were glad the Etsy site was on the tag so they can order some. Who in their right mind could resist your soap?

Love and hugs,

Donna said...

That first photo made me chuckle because this goes on at my house too!

miss*R said...

sounds like you are having a great summer! is it really hot and humid right now? I can remember your last summer, it was a scorcher.
the hammock will come in handy on those nights.. wouldn't it be fun to be able to sleep outside on one - without the worry of mozzies, spiders and wild animals! gee, I would not have made a good cave man - hee hee xoxo