Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

We had another thunder storm last night. It was so nice to hear the rain and see the lighting while being snug inside. The grands watched a couple of movies and I caught up on reading my magazines and doing a little cleaning. Today is not as hot though it is kinda muggy. We went to the thriftstore for a little while and I found a few goodies but only spent $5.00. After coming home we finished cleaning off the back deck. Tomorrow Wayne starts putting a tin roof over it and screening it in. Can't wait as we love to eat outside and with it being screened in and a roof we can spend even more time out there. I moved the canopy that was on the deck out in the yard next to my outdoor "bathroom" Its nice to sit there and listen to the water running and watch the birds at the feeders. My hens have gone crazy! Little Momma hatched out a chick last night and one this morning. I was waiting for the last one to dry so I could move her and the chicks to their own pen. One of the bigger hens went in the nesting box and grabbed the newest chick and took off with it. She and the other hens killed it before I could even get to it. They had pecked the other chick on the head so I put antibiotic on it and moved them to their own pen. I don't know what made the other hens do that unless they were jealous. I have 3 other hens sitting so will watch them closely and move as soon as the chicks start to hatch. The grands raked the chicken and goat pens for me while I raked and cleaned up the backyard. There were several limbs and branches down from the rain along with lots of leaves. Going to let the grands weed out my old cabbage bed and plant a herb garden. Will let them do it all themselves so can't wait to see what and how things come up. Hope everyone is enjoy a blessed Sunday!


PEA said...

Thank you, Peggy, for the Canada Day wishes:-) I'm so glad you're getting much needed's been threatening to rain here the last 3 days but except for a 2 minute downpour yesterday, that was it! Oh dear, how sad that those other hens killed one chick and attacked the other...poor little thing!!! Glad you're putting those grands to work! hehe xox

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

This Canada Day there is much talk of North Carolina as our family include our American relatives from Charlotte, my brother, his wife and his three lovely daughters. Thanks for acknowledging our Day.

meggie said...

Shame about the little chick. Animals, just like humans, can be 'cruel'.
Your Sunday night sounded nice.