Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Scavenger Hunt Package

I received my package several days ago from Dawn Marie and I love it! With the boys having surgery I got behind on posting. Thank you so much Dawn and your package is on its way!

The picture is looking from a hill by her home down on downtown Denver. I got a red jasper stone that will help with strength and energy flow (I really need that!) Also a prism in a wooden box that I think Dawn painted and decorated, beautiful flower stickers, and a dragonfly windchime that I can't wait to hang on my porch as soon as its finished! Thanks peppylady for getting this together and letting me be a part.


peppylady said...

glad to see you received your package.
Tomorrow I'll have something about it on my blog.

Rachel said...

Wonderful goodies!!

PEA said...

Isn't it just sooo much fun to receive such a wonderful goodie package in the mail?!! Your partner really gave you some beautiful items!! xox

Greeneyes said...

How nice , you must be a very good girl tee hee .
Hope your babies are doing better ,Poor babes ,
Have I ever said you live ion such a magical place ,love it ! alot of work but must be fantastic!


Lee-ann said...

Peggy what a lovely swap gift you have there and I too would love to see the chimes on your new verandah or as you say porch.

I am so glad the little darlings are back home with you and doing well after their op's nothing worst then the waiting.

You are as always busy as a bumble bee, each time I come over to your blog I sit here and simply go were does Peggy get the time to do all this. You amaze me my friend.

Thank you for visiting me, I will admit I am a little down at the moment with all the dust and renovation dramas....however each day it gets a little better (I think!)

Best wishes Lee-ann

TurtleHeart said...

So glad you enjoyed everything!

(You are correct-- I forgot to say in my note that I stained and decorated that little box-- the swirl design is heat embossing and the moon is polymer clay)

It's been nice to "meet" you through swapping!