Monday, July 09, 2007

Tic Tac Toe & Away We Go

Zack and Raigun are playing games of tic tac toe while Julie and Kristine are relaxing in the hammock. They did their chores this morning. Went swimming this afternoon. Did their afternoon chores and are now kicked back waiting on Pop Pop to grill the steaks for supper. Then its movie and bedtime. Such an exciting life we lead around here.


PEA said...

It IS an exciting life you lead:-) It's no wonder the grands love to come stay with you! You know, that's something I've never tried...a hammock! xox

miss*R said...

I see the 'boys' are not getting their photos taken while the grandkids are there!
I think your life sounds quite exciting - wish I could do it sometime xoxo 'cept I will take winter not summer time to visit

Rachel said...

I see you are still having fun with the grandkids, and likewise they are having fun too!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Peggy,
Steak and a movie sounds wonderful to me!!