Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Day in Pictures

What are you laughing at? I think I have pretty hair!

Quick, Hide and maybe she will go away

Now is our chance! She left the keys in the ignition.

Medicine? I don't have a boo boo on my nose, you need your glasses!Make sure you put that medicine on Whiskers and not me

If it taste good you can give it to me!

I promise not to be bad again. Please let me out of time out. Please, I'll be good.

Why did you put my daddy in time out?

I want my daddy. Are you going to make him stay in there forever?
He does look kinda sorry and pitiful. Go on, let him out.
Good grief, he has only been in there for 5 minutes! I say make him stay in time out till I finish eating.


Rosie said...

Your goats are beautiful. Their ears look as if they would feel like velvet. How I long for some chickens and goats and perhaps a donkey.......

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I thought your Nitro in a time out was a floppy eared rabbit at first. he makes a rather homely rabbit. I think my floppy-eared one would turn him down.

miss*R said...

I didn't realize I had missed so much in a few days! I just had a quick look at all the photos, you sure have a collection of animals! and congrats on the win - hope the chocolate doesn't melt.. but I guess it will be eaten quickly! xoxo