Wednesday, August 08, 2007

See my back porch? See the cat and leaves on my back porch? How did the cat and leaves get on my back porch you ask. Because I still have no screen. I also have no patience. Its been hot. Very hot the past few days. After the porch is finished I am not doing anymore building projects for a while. Give the handyman, the pocketbook and my patience a break.

I have been waiting on Dotty to have her babies for a few days. She decided to have them last night. There are 3 black and white spotted ones and 2 gray ones. The spotted ones already have people wanting them. Dotty had them buried in her nest and covered with some of her fur. When it got up to 103F she moved them around in the nest and took her fur out so they wouldn't overheat. Rabbits are such good moms!

I forgot my egg basket this evening when feeding and gathering eggs so I had to lay them down while I went to get the basket and camera. The hens gave me 26 eggs today. I have 5 dozen to deliver to customers tomorrow and my neighbor is out of eggs. William headed to Michigan to pick up our motorhome we purchased so I sent some hard boiled eggs next to the drinks in his cooler to snack on. Have no ideal when we will use the motorhome but its very nice, big and in good condition. If we ever find 20 or so acres to increase our goats and farm then we could live in it while we build a cabin or something. Or we can plan a nice trip with a trailer being pulled behind with Diva, Nitro, Sammi and the kids sightseeing. LOL

On another note. There are several people posting about leaving comments on blogs you visit. There are also several people that have choose to stop blogging because people aren't commenting. I know I am going to make some mad with what I think about it but here it is anyway. If you are blogging to see how many comments you can get you probably should stop blogging. If you are trying to see how popular you can be blogging you are blogging for the wrong reason. If you are not blogging anymore because you can't seem to be in the "click" then maybe you made the right decision. Blogging is for sharing your thoughts, your day, your talents, your opinions, your photos, etc. Its not a popularity contest unless you choose to make it that. I think its wrong to make someone feel guilty that they stopped by your blog for a visit but didn't leave a comment. As I stated on another blog besides the blogsites in my sidebar I have 53 blogs bookmarked. I love visiting and reading all of them. Some I have never left a comment, some I have left a occasional comment, some I comment regularly. But I love them all. I just don't have the time to comment on each and some post topics I just rather not leave a comment because my thoughts on the subject are private. If you think you aren't getting visitors to your blog get a site meter. You can see where and when visitors stop by and can even click on their blog to visit them. Comments are just a extra bonus we get for blogging. Blogging should be something you enjoy doing for yourself. Not for trying to please everyone else or for trying to get the most comments. If you rather not have me visit your blog unless I leave a comment then let me know and I will stop visiting. I don't want to be pressured into commenting. For all the visitors that come here regularly and never left a comment.... please keep stopping by! For those that leave comments, thank you! Its a blessing each time I find your comments in my email. Either way I am just glad that you stop by for a visit. This blog is just posts about my day but I enjoy posting,especially for the grandchildren to read about the animals and for family and friends that love Diva and the others as much as I do. So stop by anytime, relax and enjoy yourself. Don't worry about letting me know you're here if you don't want to. I know you came by and have probably been at your place enjoying myself while you were here!


Marci said...

Amen and Amen. I agree with this post whole heartedly.

On the top part, I can see you with your trailer on your motor home. I see a Goat castle on wheels. Complete with windows for them to stick their head out and see the scenery!! =)

When we moved to Ohio from Florida, we pulled a 16' stock trailer behind our truck. We brought 1 dog, 2 cows, 3 goats and 4 chickens with us. We had a blow out on the truck and the trip ended up taking us 3 days instead of 2. The second night we stayed by a hotel. Joshua and I slept in the hotel room and Michael stayed out with the animals. We had to let them all out on leashes, etc. or tie them to the stock trailer. We were in a big grassy area. There were bars just down the hill. That night we were milking the cow and 2 goats when this drunk came stumbling up the hill toward the hotel. He heard the cow moo and looked over.... looked away... jerked his head back... shake it and then stumble on his way. I think he may have thought he drank more than usual. =) LOL

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Your rolling stock show would be welcomed here. We have 366 acres with a mile frontage along the most wonderful river. Room for all
to roam and feed and bathe.LOL

Rhonda Jean said...

Hello! thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I love what I've seen so far here and I'll be back later to read some more. : )

meggie said...

Peggy, I love to visit your blog, & I love the way you love all your animals. I have friends who read my blog, but never leave comments. And some of them, I know, read your blog too. I blog for me, & I know you do the same. Nothing worthwhile is about numbers, is it!!

Alice said...

I agree wholeheartedly about the blog/comment thing. Sure, it's lovely to get comments and know that others have dropped by and enjoyed what they've read, but I know that not everyone has time or even the desire to leave a comment on every visit.

I've not felt much like blogging for several months now, however, I'm really enjoying it again. Catching up with old friends and making new friends.

I love your new porch, Peggy. Are you getting screens to keep out mosquitoes, flies, animals, or what? We need them here to keep out flies and mosquitoes in the summer. I hope it's completed soon so that you can enjoy it before the winter.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Peggy, great post and do I agree!! Blogging is not a popularity thing if it was well I would have Lost a long time ago!! Smile!! I just do it to post what i think and about my day!! I do enjoy the comments and of course we all do but i do not expect everyone that stops by to leave a comment. Right on!!
You will enjoy your motorhome. Hubby and i have one. it is 10 years old when we bought it but we love to get away in it WHEN WE CAN!! That is the hard part. MY hubby is in heaven when he gets to drive it and LEAVE!

Paula said...

My thoughts exactly!! When my neighbor introduced me to blogging, she stated it's a way for her to keep track of what happens in her garden each year. If other people chose to enjoy it, as well, then so be it. That's how I view my blog. Writing things down has always been my fool-proof way of remembering. Now I have photos to go with my thoughts!

The porch will be so nice (once it's finished). The little bunnies are cute! We raised rabbits for a short time when I was a kid. They were fun!!

Jeanne said...

I send you love and smiles and cooler days.
It has been hot here too but today it is raining and feels much cooler.
I love your pictures your words and you.
Thanks for your visits and kind words.
Love Jeanne ^j^

PEA said...

Oh dear, after a month you'd think the handyman WOULD have had time to put up the screen by's no wonder you've lost patience!! I would too! I know how much you're so looking forward to being able to sit out there!!

I agree with you 100% about commenting...people shouldn't get their nose out of joint if you don't comment one day or anytime at all. I try to always stay caught up with my bloglines but when it gets to be too much or I'm having busy days, I'll read the posts but I won't comment. When I started blogging I didn't even expect to get any blog was just something I was having fun with for my own pleasure. Of course I love all the comments I do get but it's not why I'm blogging. The friendships I've made though are priceless:-)xoxo

peppylady said...

Please stop over at my blog I have something to give you.
I never thought of your view of comments on your blog. Yes your right it shouldn't be a popularity contest.

Splaneyo said...

I agree completely - a blog is a personal record that we share with others. The comments are the icing on the cake. I love the photos all of your animals - I can look at yours and don�t have to get any of my own. =)

Mary said...

Peggy, I'm with you wholeheartedly. To me, my blog is a journal of what's happening in my life. I print each entry to file in a binder. This will be something I can leave to my family, specifically grandchildren, as a history of my thoughts, interests, travels and enjoyable times. I'm a creative being - I love to take photos, I adore the written word, I enjoy art and craft projects, I'm fortunate enough to travel to wonderful places, and combined these make up a big part of my life, especially now I'm retired. Having friends stop by and read my random thoughts and enjoy my photos is just a little extra perk. I, in turn, enjoy visiting them, leaving comments when time permits, and reading of latest pursuits and their interesting lives. Anyone who blogs in hopes of winning some type of popularity contest, should as you said, stop blogging - as surely they cannot be having much fun! And isn't that what this should be about - just fun?
Wish I could get some of your fabulous looking eggs - the store ones are so tasteless these days.
Hang in there during this heatwave - you will love that porch when the cooler days arrive.
Cooling off a bit in Raleigh - ONLY in the mid-nineties tomorrow!!

tlawwife said...

I'm here to chime in about the comments. I also agree completely. Many times I enjoy a post but I don't have anything to say about it. And sometimes I think when people comment everyday the comments are just fluff. At least if a person comments when they want it is meaningful. My blog is so my kids all know at the same time as everyone else. I also enjoy comments and the people who I have met through blogging. I have one particular person in NC that I loved to visit, and now that she has a new screened in back porch and trained animals I surely want to go back. Well actually I have wanted to go back since the last time I was there.