Thursday, August 09, 2007

A few weeks ago (yes I am behind as usual) Pea gave me 2 wonderful awards:

I was surprised but very happy that Pea thought I deserved them. Today Peppylady has given me a award too.

I can't believe how sweet she and Pea are to pick me for these awards. Thank both of you so much! I enjoy reading your blogs and sharing your days through your posts. You both deserve Best Blogging Neighbor Awards in my opinion. I will not pick a few for this award. I will choose each of you reading this post as the next receiver of the awards. I have such awesome blog neighbors that picking a few is much too hard. So post the award on your blog and celebrate... you earned it!


PEA said...

You are very welcome dear Peggy:-) I love coming here to visit you and your animals, you really make us feel part of your family!! xox

meggie said...

Ah Peggy, you are so sweet!

Paula said...

Congratulations!! What an honor to know you have made am impact on someone's life. Enjoy!!