Thursday, September 20, 2007

Friday's Favorites

Tee always has such good posts. Sometimes she writes about family and feelings and sometimes she writes about great new gadgets, books, places, etc. Whatever she writes about I enjoy reading but my favorites are posts on blessings.

There are days when I just need something to make me laugh or at least smile. I always know where to go. Jeanette always makes me do both. Where she finds some of her jokes I have no ideal but they make me laugh and I read them to William and get the joy of his laughter too. She is also a avid bowler but its not the kind of bowling I know. Looking forward to learning more about her sport.

I enjoy stopping by The Sparrow's Nest each day. Now I want to have my own Ebenezer's. Got to get me some small rocks and start writing on them.

Woodsy writes about his daughter's new boyfriend. All I can say is EVERY young girl needs a boyfriend like hers!

This whole blog amazes me everytime I visit! A young couple and their daughter are building a home on their own. They are doing most of the work and homeschooling. Every day is filled with things that have to get done but they always find time to stop and enjoy each day.

Last but not least is Caroline who has a new baby... it has 4 legs but is beautiful! And speaking of 4 legged babies we hope Sammi will be kidding the end of October or first of November. (we missed seeing her and Nitro together after she came in season so aren't sure of the date) and Diva is going to be a mommy again on Feb. 15th give or take a few days. We know what date Nitro romanced her!

Hope you enjoy some of my favorites this week. Have a wonderful weekend and count those blessings no matter how small.


meggie said...

Hi Peggy, I popped over to see Caroline & visit her new baby. How cute.
Love the look of the basket of your goodies, in your last post.

Iowa Gal said...

I would give anything for your lavender hat and gloves. I bought a sequined dress at Good Will one day and my husband asked me where are you going to wear that? We live in a small village of 350. I probably won't wear it but it MAKES ME SMILE just to know it is mine and it is hanging in my closet. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

Iowa Gal said...

Sorry wrong blog for my comment. Now you know what kind of day Iam going to have!!

PEA said...

Lol poor iowa gal, wonder how her day is still going? hehe Thank you so much for the links to's always wonderful to find new blogs to read, if only we had more time in the day! lol Ooooh so Sammi and Diva are expecting...woohooo!! This time I wanna be the godmother or at least an auntie!! hehe xox