Monday, September 10, 2007

Hole? What hole?? We didn't dig any hole!

You want to walk away in one piece stay away from my babies!

You are not going to touch my babies either!

Don't you ever get tired of looking under me ?

You just think Killer is mean. Put your hand near my eggs and you won't have any fingers left! And yes, I know I am sitting on duck eggs!Some photos of the RV. Am slowly getting it cleaned and stocked up.

Besides the twin beds there is a sleeper sofa and the kitchen table makes a bed. Doesn't have a tub but does have a nice size shower and lots of closet space behind the toilet and beside the sink. Bedroom has lots of cabinets. Kitchen has big pantry, lots of cabinets and drawers. A nice size fridge and freezer. There is a icemaker next to the entry door, a built in blender on the counter. The sofa is new as well as nice new firm mattresses. Still got things to do but am waiting on cool weather. It has air condition but I just have a couple of fans on in there to keep our electric bill down.


Rachel said...

Love the RV!! You'll have some fun times camping in that!!

Loved all the pictures! The rabbits and chickens are so cute!! Looks like they keep busy!!

meggie said...

Thanks for showing us the RV. It looks very nice, & even I could be tempted to live in that for a few weeks!
Love the critters, as always.

Marci said...

Man, I saw that hole and thought it was a rat hole. I assume the bunny dug it?!?! We had a rat that would burrow up under our brooder and grab chicks and pull them down. The bedding would hide it. We had to put a cement floor down.

The RV looks very cozy. I think you will have some grand times in it.

PEA said...

If I ever make it to your place, DON'T ask me to look under Killer!!! lol Hmmm the bunny looks pretty guilty to me...look at it trying to pretend that hole isn't there! hehe Oh Peggy, your RV looks sooo comfortable and it's got every modern convenience you'd ever want!! Ummm...where will all your animals fit in there????? :-)xoxo

Donna said...

The RV looks very cozy and comfortable. I can't wait to hear of your traveling adventures.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You take such great pictures of your critters.

I supposed you are in the market for a livestock trailer to carry your pets on your travels.

I have a nice spot by the river and lots of pasture for y'all!

miss*R said...

oh what a fun thing! who will mind the farm when you go adventuring? You will be able to set up a road side stall on your travels and sell your soap!