Sunday, November 04, 2007

Stocking Swap Partners

I haven't received everyone's mailing information yet but am going to go ahead and give out the partners. I will email the information I have received and as I receive any. Remember to make this stocking special for your partner. You can use a handmade or purchased stocking. Don't spend over $10.00. Make sure you have your stocking in the mail in time to be received before the Christmas holidays start so it will arrive in time. When you get your stocking please let me know so I can make sure everyone that took part gets a stocking. If your partner has a blog please visit and get to know a little about her. Thanks and have fun! ( click on the name to see the blog)

Lib and Patty are partners.
Annie and Kristie
Ms. Robyn and Nicole
Joyceann and Kathleen Marie
Connie and Rachel
Lisa and Cynthia
Carla and Denise
Terri and Pea
Irene and Lee Ann
Mrs. Garcia and Patti
Midlife Mom and Sunny Chick
Carmen and Mulemom
Debbi and Peggy
Baglady and Peggy

If someone signed up and your name isn't on the list please let me know. If you haven't sent your mailing address please email it to me at Thanks!


rachel said...

This comment has nothing to do with this particular post, sorry! I just wanted to say that I also love nubians! Twelve-fifteen years ago I was a teen living in a rural county in NC, and raised registered nubians. I have never forgotten......and it is a desire of mine to have a couple again, not only for myself to enjoy but also for my children. I enjoyed the photos along the side. And oh I love your little goat cursor!

Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
Thanks for the swap info.I look forward to the exchange.
Hope you're feeling better.

Kristie said...

YAY! Annie and I have already made first contact. If it wasn't so late I'd sit up reading more of her blog. Alas it will have to wait until tomorrow. :)
Thanks Peggy!


Lee-ann said...

Peggy, thank you I am going to contact Irene, and get to know her a little by reading all her blogs so she is happy with a Christmas stocking from here in Australia.

I thank you for getting this all put together it is so much fun!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Peggy,
Thank you so much for orgainizing this swap. It is so much fun to get into the spirit with building my stocking.

Take care,

Sunny Chick said...

Thanks For the 4-11! Can't wait to get started! I e'd my info! Have a Good One!

Rosa said...

Sorry I couldn't partake this year. Just too much on my plate right now. I so enjoyed pulling it all together last year. Have fun!

Rosa said...

Off kilter here, but where is Norm??? Did he ever make it home in one piece, wiser from his adventures?

Niki said...

Is it too late to sign up? Just stumbled upon your blog from Lib's. :) Please lmk.

Carmen said...

I couldn't find the link for mulemom. Can you please help me? Thank you